Having A Hard Time Getting The Right Fabric For The Right Sports Category?

Business challenge: Day after day, brands lose time, money, and opportunity when they pick the wrong performance fabric for their activewear or athleisure lines.
This mistake results in additional garment prototyping time, or in poor fabric performance and increased consumer dissatisfaction, which leads to complaints and product returns or a reduction in brand/retailer loyalty.
You might ask yourself:
“Is there a way to measure fabric performance so I can choose the right level of compression for its intended end use? How can I avoid making the wrong fabric choice?”
Turn-key solution: LYCRA® SPORT PCE™ certified fabrics take the guesswork out of selecting the right fabric for the right application.
The LYCRA® SPORT platform combines the proven stretch technology of LYCRA® fibre with demanding testing standards that, not only measure fabric performance, but also helps to assess comfort in wear. PCE™ certified fabrics have been rigorously tested and documented by fabric scientists to show you precisely how a fabric will perform across three indexes (POWER, COMFORT, and ENERGY). Indexes are provided for both fabric length and width to provide a complete picture of the stretch and recovery properties.