Help us to understand the economic impact of the UK textile industry


Economic impact of the UK Fashion and Textile industry

UKFT is working with Oxford Economics to assess the economic contribution of the fashion and textile industry: a landmark piece of research that will be critical to advocacy, securing the talent pipeline of the future, securing public and commercial funding and ensuring the right projects are supported at the right time.

In this first survey, we ask for some high-level information about your organisation’s financial (e.g., revenue and EBITDA) employment (e.g., number of employees and its various detailed breakdowns such as gender, age and etc) and environmental data (e.g., the amount of greenhouse gases produced and energy and water consumption), making sure you have this data to hand before starting the survey will help.

The survey should take no longer than twenty minutes to complete. If you need to consult or to obtain information from colleagues, you can leave and close the survey at any point before submitting your responses. Your responses to that point will be saved, and re-opening the survey from the same computer and location will return you to the point that you had already reached.

We would be grateful if you are able to complete this survey and we encourage organisation or individuals in the fashion and textile industry, across the entire supply chain in both apparel and non-apparel markets, to respond.

If you are unsure of any of your responses, please provide the best estimate wherever possible. Should you have any questions or need guidance on how to respond, please feel free to reach out to the Oxford Economics team: and

The survey will close on Friday 1st July 2022.

Your responses will be treated in confidence and used for research purposes only. Any information you provide will only be seen by Oxford Economics, while UKFT will only see non-attributed data.

Survey responses will be aggregated across companies and scaled up to estimate the economic impact of the fashion and textile industry in each region of the UK. Only that aggregated information will be presented in our report. Both organisations commit to not disseminating the information provided in any manner that could identify individual respondents/companies.