Hemp in Fashion

Hemp Traders began in 1994 and has become the largest supplier of hemp products in North America.
Lawrence Serbin, the President and founder of Hemp Traders got his inspiration for the business from doing research on cannabis and the different uses. He discovered that hemp can be used for clothing, cement, textiles, rope, paper, essential oils and more.
Hemp products are imported from other countries for now. However, in the future, companies are looking to create factories in the U.S., more specifically in parts of Colorado. The ability to produce textiles and other products for hemp in the States will create a vast amount of opportunities for the business.

Envirotextiles is a newer company but has still been in the hemp industry for 35 years and their suppliers in China have been in the business with them for just as long. Summer from Envirotextiles, said that they have set up micro-mills in Romania and are developing two in Colorado. They have one micro-mill on the eastern plains and one in Western Colorado near Glenwood Springs.
Their big money maker at the moment is composite. Envirotextiles is breaking the idea barrier with new medical scrubs, “to reduce the spread of bacteria such as staph through the use of hemp fabrics with naturally inherent antibacterial properties”.
Hemp clothing is one of the strongest natural textiles, is resistant to ultraviolet light, and hollow– which creates a flow of air for the products and makes it more absorbent to hold the dye.