Hohenstein: compression without compromise


Compression without compromise. Hohenstein will test, prove, and evaluate the com­pres­sive effect of sports and func­tional tex­tiles for you.

The market for compression textiles for sports and leisure is booming. Compression offers a wide range of innovative products with stockings, socks, gauntlets, shirts, and pants that exert a defined pressure on certain parts of the body such as the torso, arms, and legs.

Hohenstein: compression without compromise

But how can you be sure that the clothes actually work in the way they are advertised?

With Hohenstein’s standardised test methods according to DIN SPEC 4868 they can reliably determine specific parameters such as (local) pressure, pressure profile, compression category, stiffness or material fatigue of your compression textiles and thus offer you and your customers numerous advantages:

  • Transparent verification of advertised product features and advertising statements
  • Objective comparability with competitors
  • Trustworthy product labelling and thus valuable orientation when buying textiles
  • Classification of pressure values into defined categories
  • Determination of performance parameters of materials used
  • Optimal quality assurance
  • Simplified product development
Hohenstein: compression without compromise

With the Hohenstein Quality Label “Compression”, you communicate to potential buyers that your compression textiles meet the highest standards in terms of quality and function. And all this with a striking label that consumers can trust completely thanks to the independent assessment.

Benefit from the many years of experience in medical compression textiles and the unique HOSYcan testing system. In addition to the testing of pressure and pressure profile, this system allows for versatile evaluations, for example, even the measurement of compression in complex motion sequences!

Testing is non-destructive and always over the entire length of the test specimen. Arm and leg stockings, shirts and pants up to a total length of 100 cm and a circumference of 12 to 150 cm can be tested in almost any freely selectable form.

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