Hohenstein sponsor PCIAW® Summit & Awards as a key partner


PCIAW® are proud to have Hohenstein as sponsors for this year’s PCIAW® Summit & Awards event, to be held 18-19 October at the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Heathrow.

This prestigious annual event is an educational and networking conference for members of the professional clothing industry, and includes an exhibition, an international student competition and an awards ceremony to recognise some of the greatest talents in the industry.

Dr Helmut Krause, Technical Director Softline & Shoes at Hohenstein, will also be speaking at the Summit. Dr Krause will explain how to understand the requirements for chemicals in the manufacture of professional clothing to be in a more environmentally friendly way by considering quality, plus the benefits in the efficacy of chemical recycling in the long run.

The themes of this year’s Summit & Awards will be on sustainable tendering, supply chain resilience and hyperinflation of professional clothing, all themes that are close to Hohenstein’s heart.

Hohenstein is proud of its involvement with the PCIAW® Summit & Awards. As Dr Krause says, “We at Hohenstein see ourselves as a partner for the professional clothing industry and the supply chain for fibres, textiles, uniforms, workwear, and personal protective equipment (PPE). That’s why it is important for us to support this year’s unique PCIAW® Summit & Awards 2022 as a Trusted Member. The PCIAW Summit networking and educational event brings us together with an exclusive group of corporate wear, workwear and PPE buyers, suppliers, and manufacturers, so that we can understand different needs. We see our task in offering solutions to all parties involved.”

PCIAW® interviewed Tricia Zourmand, Business Manager UK, Hohenstein on its sponsorship and involvement with the PCIAW® Summit & Awards 2022.

One of the key messages of the PCIAW® Summit and Awards is sustainability. How does this message tie in with Hohenstein’s vision?

Very much, because the textiles industry is changing and environmental and social value criteria beginning to amplify in importance in the buyers’ minds. We at Hohenstein recognised at an early stage the drive towards sustainability innovation and developed many solutions to support companies: As a founding member of OEKO-TEX® association and largest provider of certifications, labels, and tools we enable companies to act sustainably.

The modular OEKO-TEX® system ensures these services work together for traceability, transparency and cost reduction along the textile and leather supply chains. In addition, we offer expertise and practical tools to increase sustainability and transparently communicate efforts. These tests include e.g. biodegradability, GMO testing of cotton, microplastic analysis, or wastewater analysis. In this context, we see testing in general as a sustainability approach because we help companies to save resources.

What recent successes and innovations is Hohenstein Laboratories keen to showcase at this year’s event?

This year’s theme: What’s Next in Professional Clothing? expresses exactly what we are also strongly concerned with.

What Summit panel are you most excited to listen to?

We look forward to all topics because they affect the industry as a whole, we are especially keen on the networking possibilities at this event. And we are already very excited about the insights on best practices, policies and sustainable technologies on the event’s focus. Make better, buy better, and protect the future.

This two-day annual event celebrates the world of professional clothing, specifically workwear, corporatewear and PPE. The Summit will include talks exploring the most important issues facing the industry today, with industry experts sharing insights on sustainable tendering, supply chain resilience and the effects of hyperinflation.

Running throughout the Summit is the PCIAW® Exhibition, which showcases some of the latest innovations in the world of textiles and professional clothing. Part of the Summit is the PCA VISION competition, where students from across the globe show off their original designs for corporatewear, workwear and PPE. The event culminates in the PCIAW® Awards, a black-tie occasion that includes a champagne reception and three-course dinner.

PCIAW Uniform Networks Buyer, Trusted member