Holistic Wearable Ecosystems Improve Performance and Safety in Demanding and Data-rich Environments

As a world premiere at CES, Wearin’ is showcasing wearable connectivity solutions that maximise the safety and performance of connected humans augmented by plug & play technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Beings (IoB).

On its stand no.45944 (Sands, Halls A-D), Wearin’ is organising live demos of three smart garments specifically designed and engineered for harsh environments in the industrial, defense and security and extreme sports sectors, where safety and team performance are mission-critical.

Wearin’s solutions comprise complete, ready-to-use wearable ecosystems that are directly integrated into clothing, such as tactical vests, and industrial safety and safety and sailing gear.

These garments are called smart because they integrate a diverse array of body-worn environmental or biometric sensors and communications devices, such as radios, body cameras, GPS and smartphones, that can easily be plugged into garments thanks to rugged plug & play connectivity solutions. The garments serve as shared data and power buses and central hubs which facilitate the monitoring of alerts between workforce communities and their supervising site offices, enhance the situational awareness of defence and security units operating in the field, or allow the efficient exchange of data among boat crew members.

Wearin’s integrated wearable ecosystems are modular, customisable and evolutive solutions. They can meet all kinds of interconnection, communication and sensing needs, depending on the employing organisations’ safety and performance improvement requirements. For example, the security vest demoed at CES integrates a push-to-talk device and a bodycam into the garment of special forces who can remain interconnected to efficiently coordinate their intervention in the field.

Wearin’s approach of improving the performance and safety of professional communities, defence and security forces or sports teams augmented by wearable technologies, is unique. It is a holistic application of the Internet of Things at the service of the connected human – the Internet of Beings – which can be used in all sorts of markets needing the synergies offered by plug & play wearable technologies integrated into complete ecosystems.

Nowadays, wearable technologies come in product silos. With global partners in wearable technology, data management, garment manufacturing and other fields, Wearin’ acts as a system integrator and catalyst that breaks product silos to create complete, ready-to-use wearable ecosystems for its customers.

Smart clothing applications are part of the overall trend to integrate more wearable technology into garments, simplifying the use of electronic devices and connectivity solutions, while improving human-machine interfaces and ultimately increasing people’s safety and organisations efficiency.

Business & Solutions Director Wim Vanheertum on Wearin’s industrial solution stated: ‘Every year, 2.3 million lives are lost to work-related accidents across all types of sectors. Wearin’ aims to change that by helping organisations develop wearable systems that make avoidable workplace incidents a thing of the past. By connecting customers’ application needs with proven wearable technology and human factors engineering, Wearin’ designs and develops ecosystems that integrate easily with existing garments, while protecting data privacy effectively. The result is increased adoption and comfort, enhanced performance and productivity, and, most importantly, more human lives protected.’

To make Wearin’s holistic solutions known to CES attendees, Wim Vanheertum will be part of the expert panel of the CES conference entitled ‘Wearable and the Productivity Upgrade’ scheduled for January 8th (11:30 – 12:30) during the Wearables Tech Summit.

For more information, please visit http://www.wearin.tech

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