How can DuPont help?

Across many industries, workers face potential hazards on a daily basis which, without the correct protection, could result in serious injury or fatality.
Keeping workers safe must always be a priority. If you are the Safety Manager, or lead a team of workers that might face heat and flame or electric arc hazard, you are ultimately responsible for specifying the correct protective garment.
This is a challenging task, but DuPont can support you in the process. They can help with preparing the specifications for protective clothing by assessing the hazards your workers face, and with selecting the right fabric and garment to address them.
If you are involved in working with electrical installations or within environments in which you might be exposed to heat and flame hazards, your safety is non-negotiable. However, even with rigorous training and the strict application of proven procedures, it is impossible to completely eliminate all risks.
At DuPont, they offer you expertise in the field of personal safety. The reputation of the Nomex® brand and the protection it provides is unrivalled. Nomex® has the trust of firefighters across the globe, Formula One racing drivers and even protected Neil Armstrong on his maiden voyage to the moon!

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