HSE Report 2017

HSE stands for ‘Health, Safety and Environment’ and is closely related to sustainability in the broadest sense of the word.
It is Teijin Aramid’s ambition to be the global leader in the aramid business and to enhance people’s quality of life with their products, in harmony with society and by empowering their people. They believe that sustainable value creation is part of this ambition. That is why they are transparent about the impact of their activities on people and the environment, reporting openly on their environmental footprint and on how they are contributing to a more sustainable world.
Teijin Aramid is part of Teijin Ltd., and their performance in terms of corporate social responsibility is reflected in the Teijin Group Integrated Report 2017. However, they find it important to report on their own HSE performance, which is why they are also publishing a separate Teijin Aramid HSE Report for 2017. In this report, they provide insight into the HSE performance of their facilities in Delfzijl, Emmen and Arnhem (The Netherlands).

In this HSE Report, they report on HSE matters they focused on in 2017. For example, they made good progress with regard to efficiency: through their approach of continuous improvement, they are seeing more and more uniformity in their way of working within their organization. This continuous improvement approach is also applied to their products, technologies and value chains, so that they can make their products in the most efficient way and serve their customers as transparently as possible.

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