Hultafors Group adds CLC Work Gear to its portfolio

CLC Work Gear

Hultafors Group is pleased to announce the addition of American brand CLCWork Gear, being launched the 11th of January in the European market. CLC has over thirty-five years’ experience creating rugged, innovative work gear for contractors, craftsman and other professionals.

The company is known both for heavy duty products made with great attention to detail, as well as anticipating the needs of professionals with innovative solutions, such as tool backpacks with built-in lamps so contents can be easily accessed in low light work situations, and built-in chargers for multiple devices.

“We’re incredibly excited to bring CLC Work Gear into the Hultafors Group family and to start its rollout into the European market,” says Johan Wijkmark, Hultafors Group Sales Development Manager. “CLC brings something unique and new to Europe. Over many years, they’ve proven to have a talent not just for creating top-quality tool backpacks, tool bags and other gear for professionals, using great materials and well-designed down to the last detail. They’ve also again and again anticipated needs and provided solutions way ahead of the curve—such as packs with organising trays, lamps and chargers built in. We believe European contractors and craftsmen are going to find a lot to love with CLC.”

Beyond making heavy duty products that last, CLC Work Gear focuses primarily on two things: organisation and mobility—durable tool bags and backpacks designed for the today’s mobile technicians and craftsmen.

“Over two decades ago, we realised that delivering a tool backpack that could not just store but also keep tools organised would be appreciated by American professionals on the go, in a variety of environments, handling multiple tasks,” says Harry Karapetian, Vice President of Sales of CLC Work Gear in North America. “We set out to meet that need with the best gear we could make, and the best features we could invent. We’re truly excited to be joining the Hultafors Group and bringing our brand and our line to Europe.”

The pride in innovation extends to comfort. CLC tool backpacks and tool bags are robustly and ergonomically designed because CLC knows all about the wear and tear on the body that comes with carrying a tool bag or tool pouch that lacks great design. “We know your tools go everywhere you go,” says Karapetian. “So there’s zero chance we’re going to deliver something that doesn’t feel great to wear and carry.”

Johan Wijkmark agrees. “As a Swedish company, Hultafors Group appreciates functional design, clever technical solutions and products that last. That’s what makes CLC such a great fit. They bring decades of experience and an original and creative spirit that’s a perfect complement to our brands. We anticipate a successful launch throughout Europe, with additional exciting products coming in the future.”

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