Hyosung invests in Brazil and Turkey as demand for elastane increases

Hyosung invests in Brazil and Turkey as demand for elastane increases

As people around the world spend more time at home due to the pandemic causing social restrictions across the world, the global apparel market has seen an increase in demand for elastane.

Driven by end-user’s desire for comfort, Wood Makenzie’s April 2020 report informs that the demand for elastane is growing by 9% in contrast to general fibres, growing 2-3% annually.

Hyosung is expanding its creora elastane manufacturing base in Brazil and Turkey. The business begun its Brazilian operation in 2011 will see the annual increase in elastane production to 22,000 metrics tons, up from 12,000. Hyosung’s project is expected to be completed in mid-2022.

The company’s expansion in Turkey is scheduled to be achieved in 2021, in the third quarter. The facility will see an increased production of elastane annual to 40,000 metrics tons, up from 25,000.

“We are proud to strengthen our presence in the South American and European premium textile markets with the expansion of our plants in Brazil and Turkey, which are production bases for our regional South American and European customers,” said Hyun-Joon Cho, Hyosung Chairman. “We will support these markets by providing ongoing innovation and solutions, which Hyosung is known for.”

Hyosung has factored-in its sustainability credentials when adapting its operational facilities in countries like Brazil and Turkey to produce closer to its customers. This should result in a reduced carbon footprint alongside faster delivery time frames.

Hyosung is the leading producer of elastane, supplying an estimate of one-third of the world’s supply. Its current capacity for elastane production is approximately 340,000 metric tons per year. Working to reduce the business’ carbon footprint further, Hyosung has released a GRS-certified creora regen elastane made with 100% recycled waste and has innovated in dyeable elastane with natural blends.

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