International Brands Group (IBG) sponsors PCIAW® Summit & Awards 2022

International Brands Group (IBG) are returning as a proud sponsor of the PCIAW® Awards champagne reception and showcasing footwear innovation at the PCIAW® Exhibition

International Brand Group (IBG) is an award-winning, world leader in the design and development of high quality, sustainable footwear collections and is returning as a sponsor of the PCIAW® Awards champagne reception, as a Trusted Member of the professional clothing association.

The PCIAW® Summit & Awards event is being hosted on 18-19 October at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow, London and will bring together one of the largest gatherings of professional clothing executives in the world.

IBG is enthusiastic to return to the 2022 PCIAW® Summit & Awards event because of the unique global networking opportunities for the uniform and PPE markets, following its successful launch of ezeez®, 4SYS® and Toetectors® footwear brands at the 2021 event.

Ed van Wezel, CEO, International Brands Group said: “We launched International Brands Group and our brands 4SYS, Totectors and Ezeez to the UK at last year’s PCIAW awards event.  This event was a huge success for us, so we are delighted to be back again, sponsoring the event for the 2nd year.” 

“2022 has been an exciting year for International Brands Group, we committed to a large media campaign and secured major UK distribution for our Totectors brand. We are expanding our office in Northamptonshire to handle our growing business; we are so proud to be based in the heartlands of British Shoe Making and, in the town, where the Totectors Brand was originally founded.”

IBG lead the way on the sustainable trajectory of professional clothing

The exciting two-day event will begin on 18 October with the education-packed PCIAW® Summit which will coincide with the free-to-enter Exhibition, which continues until the 3pm on 19 October. The PCIAW® Summit features international speakers discussing the future trajectory of the professional clothing industry for uniforms, workwear, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

The globally esteemed PCIAW® Awards concludes the event on 19 October evening, where are IBG proudly sponsoring the champagne reception, which is followed by a three-course gala dinner.

IBG exhibit innovative and sustainable footwear brands

IBG will showcase three key brands covering medical, military and safety footwear at the PCIAW® Summit & Awards, proving IBG’s ability to push boundaries through its holistic approach to footwear design and development which benefited from direct engagement with end-users.

The innovative Dutch footwear company has focused on social responsibility in its footwear brands, exemplified by its design-with-the-end-in-mind approach. IBG’s progressive nature is delivered in an end-of-life program that sees returned footwear recycled into foam and rubbers that can be reused in safety flooring to prevent injury in hospitals, schools, and care homes.

Yvette Ashby, Founder and CEO of PCIAW® comments: “We are delighted that International Brands Group have offered to sponsor the champagne reception for this year’s Awards ceremony. PCIAW® is the first member-led organisation to represent the global companies of the professional clothing industry. We encompass the entire supply chain, from buyers, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors, and take pride in connecting international partners for collaboration and education.”

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