Impressive Manufacturer Support for GORE-TEX Professional Fabric’s new EXTRAGUARD Footwear Technology

Since GORE-TEX Professional Fabric’s trade launch of its EXTRAGUARD Upper Technology in 2022 the response from Gore’s footwear manufacturing brand partners has been outstanding.

Responding to end user demand for robust, waterproof, and protective four-season footwear – which is permanently lightweight and comfortable to wear – the momentum and demand for this new technology has picked up a fast pace as it combines all the advantages of leather with those of sustainable textile upper materials.

Eleven of Gore’s Brand Partners embracing this new technology

At A+A last year Gore and its footwear partners presented the first commercial styles of GORE-TEX safety footwear with the new EXTRAGUARD upper technology: ATLAS, ELTEN, Fal, Haix, Obuv, Robusta, Solid Gear, Steitz Secura, TS Corporation, Unikhan and Upower.


About The Technology…

It consists of three layers: The outer layer is highly abrasion-resistant and robust, the second layer called the functional layer, is variable in thickness and is designed to protect the foot from impact and shock. The third, innovative construction inner layer can be sealed on the back with GORE® Seam Tape – which prevents moisture from penetrating the upper from the outside via the seams. The upper material is 40 percent lighter than leather when dry – and remains permanently light even in wet conditions: it absorbs hardly any moisture from the outside even after prolonged use or if the water-repellent impregnation is lost, and thus changes its weight insignificantly.

Helmut Klug, Footwear Product Specialist at GORE-TEX Professional Fabrics explains: “Our upper innovation will benefit workers in construction and demolition, railroads, utilities or agriculture, as well as power and water utility workers who want to rely on robust, waterproof, breathable, durable protective, yet lightweight and comfortable safety footwear for heavy and medium-duty jobs.”

The EXTRAGUARD upper technology is the result of years of research at Gore where function and performance are always given top priority with no compromise on protection and comfort. It is also setting impressive new standards in terms of sustainability. During production the use of water and chemicals is minimised, CO2 emissions are comparatively low and thanks to the longevity of this durable product technology it also contributes to a better eco-balance.     

What A Few Of Gore’s Brand Partners Have To Say

Innovative footwear manufacturer Solid Gear – part of Hultafors Group – has launched Bravo 2 EXTRAGUARD in the UK and across Europe. Johan Magnusson, Solid Gear Footwear Manager comments:

“GORE-TEX EXTRAGUARD will establish a new standard of durability and comfort, which goes hand in hand, as the user only wears footwear as long as it’s comfortable, which it will be for a long time since this upper technology is durable and picks up very little water.”

Solid Gear Bravo Boot with Extraguard Product technology

Commenting further on the important combination of durability with comfort, Johan Magnusson has this to say: “Longer lasting is already a key factor on UK market, but the longer lasting is only relevant if the user actually wears the safety footwear in all critical situations. We still need to educate the end user that longevity and comfort is possible in the UK safety footwear market. This new technology answers this need.”

ELTEN, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and a pioneer in the development of quality safety and work shoes has embraced this fresh innovative technology with their ANTONIO range. Head of Export Sales at ELTEN, Roy van Bladel has this to say: “Gore is setting new standards with its new EXTRAGUARD upper material technology:  This ensures that feet stay dry and the climate inside the shoe remains comfortable even when dirt, dust, and persistent wetness dominate the workday.”

ELTEN Antonio XXSG GTX Mid S3S WR CI with EXTRAGUARD Technology

Durability in ELTEN’s footwear is secured by using premium materials and thorough manufacturing techniques. These practices guarantee that the footwear not only satisfies the safety and comfort requirements of its users but also withstands heavy and prolonged usage. “This emphasis on durability is further enhanced by innovative developments such as Gore’s EXTRAGUARD upper material, which significantly extends the shoe’s lifespan. Furthermore, when synergistically combined with Infinergy technology —a unique feature in ELTEN shoes— this not only enhances the shoe’s lightweight qualities but also significantly improves its cushioning capabilities, thereby producing a product that is both supremely comfortable for the wearer and remarkably durable. The extended usability of the footwear contributes positively to environmental sustainability” concludes Roy van Bladel. 

ATLAS® one of the leading manufacturers of innovative safety shoes in Europe has embraced this innovative technology in their five product XT GTX range. Commenting on what EXTRAGUARD product technology can bring to the safety footwear market, Florian Fritz, Export Sales Manager at ATLAS® said: “Extreme robustness and durable lightweightness are combined for the first time: ATLAS® safety shoes with GORE-TEX EXTRAGUARD® upper technology set new standards for robust yet lightweight safety shoes.”

ATLAS® XT GTX Boot with EXTRAGUARD Technology

The importance of responsible procurement is at the core of what ATLAS® stands for: “With our responsible sourcing approach, we focus on sustainability aspects along our supply chains for the benefit of people and our planet. We develop and maintain ethical and sustainable relationships with our suppliers and supply chain partners” adds Florian Fritz.

In conclusion, Oli Willson, GORE-TEX Professional Footwear Associate comments: “the huge demand within the footwear industry from manufacturers and end users for GORE-TEX EXTRAGUARD product technology speaks loudly and clearly. We are delighted that so many of our brand partners understand the need for this fresh approach to safety footwear offering comfort, durability and a more sustainable approach from this game changing technology.”

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