Inaugural Ansell Inteliforz™ Workplace Safety Report Finds 76% of Workers will Join or Stay with an Employer who Prioritizes Physical Safety

Ansell, a global leader in safety solutions, and its connected workplace safety solution, Inteliforz™, today released the findings of its inaugural Workplace Safety Report. Ansell Inteliforz™ surveyed more than 500 workers and decision-makers in the warehousing and manufacturing industries to better understand their perception of workplace safety and connected workplace technology as the industrial workplace continues to modernise.

The report uncovered that industrial workers are progressively prioritising health and safety practises from their employers as emerging technology and consumer demands bring new risks to industries across manufacturing, distribution, and logistics. The survey findings speak to how employees expect their employer to focus on ensuring the workplace environment is safe, with 94% of respondents sharing that it’s very important that their employer prioritises physical safety in the workplace. Additionally, 76% said they are more likely to join or stay with an employer who prioritises their physical safety, and that percentage jumps to 82% among workers who have previously been injured on the job.

The survey, executed by Centiment, also found that workers want improved communication and hazard monitoring in the workplace, with 53% of workers seeing something in the workplace that poses a hazard between one to two times a week, 25% seeing risks between three to five times a week, and 11% seeing risks six or more times. The respondents said their employers could improve workplace safety by quickly responding to safety hazards like damaged equipment or spills (47%), increasing real-time communication with team members about safety hazards (39%), alerting employees where, when, and what PPE to wear (37%), and providing more visibility to how quickly safety issues are resolved (31%).

Additional key findings in the report include:

  • 54% of employees with two or more years of experience said their employer could improve how they coach employees on proper form, compared to 43% of workers employed one year or less.
    9 out of 10 manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution workers are interested in wearing connected technology that identifies unsafe physical movements and makes customised recommendations to reduce workplace risks
    Three-quarters of respondents receive less than 30 minutes of safety training per week, and 20% don’t receive weekly training at all.

“As the workplace constantly evolves with new technologies, workers increasingly expect their employer to provide technological advancements when it comes to safety and injury prevention,” said Sean Sweeney, Vice President & General Manager of Ansell Inteliforz™ & Mechanical Safety Solutions. “Based on the survey findings, workers want and need to have a technology-supported safety culture that ensures every employee is fully trained and protected at all times. With current advanced technologies available, like Inteliforz, companies empower their workers to take an active role in their own safety, which decreases response times and helps to reduce injury rates while building trust with their workforce.”

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