Industry News: Cordura launches new technology

The future of military uniform and equipment won’t be the same now that Cordura has launched its new innovative collection.
The advanced technology products were presented last month at the Future Forces exhibition in Prague and are available now.
With this collection, Cordura has successfully developed better night vision surveillance and sophisticated adequate camouflage for night time operations. Their patented TrueLock EP fibre technology already allows the US forces to wear safe clothes – but – with the latest technology it can now also ‘reduce the use of specialized dyestuffs or after-treatments which may contain environmentally sensitive metallized compounds used to reduce the IR reflectance.’


Cordura TrueLock EP fibre technology has a long standing partnership with the United States army, one of their main consumers. Besides the interest shown by European countries in Cordura products, Europeans are still locally oriented as every nation ‘has its colour and pattern’.
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