International Brands Group launches Magnum boots in Oman

International Brands Group® is proud to announce they have been awarded a contract to supply the Egyptian Navy with tactical boots, commencing immediately.

Magnum, part of the International Brands Group (IBG), the world-renowned uniform footwear company, launched its products in Oman.

Magnum, founded in 1982, specialises in law enforcement, security, ambulance and military boots and has secured businesses in over 100 countries worldwide. Magnum has announced that they have won a contract with the Oman Ministry of Defense for the supply of military boots and is looking to expand its business in Oman and in the region.

“Magnum footwear aims to protect and serve those who protect and serve us by manufacturing the highest performing footwear that always exceeds the demanding expectations.”

Magnum launches boots in Oman

International Brands Group held a launch event at the Kempinski Hotel, unveiling its latest products to the customers in Oman in the presence of Glen Richards, Magnum Brands Director, and Frederico Furia, Technical Director. The team gave a detailed presentation and showcased the range of their boots, identifying all the specifications and usage.