International Brands Group: Shaking up the footwear market

International Brands Group (IBG) has confirmed that they are re-booting Totectors, the brand that was born in Northamptonshire.

International Brands Group (IBG) are global leaders in the design, development, sourcing, and sales of branded uniform, safety, healthcare, outdoor and sports footwear.

With over 40 years of experience and a portfolio of established global footwear brands, including HI-TEC®, MAGNUM® and INTERCEPTOR®, IBG work with distributors and retailers within the sports, outdoor, uniform and safety industry, with leading quality distribution worldwide.

The inception of IBG

IBG was established in 2018 by Ed van Wezel, after the sale of the family businesses HI-TEC® and MAGNUM® where Ed was CEO for six years leading up to the sale. Ed spent most of his life in the shoe business, working in every facet of the company – from the warehouse floor in the UK to selling across the international subsidiaries, global product design and development to sourcing in Asia.

Through the COVID pandemic, the business has had time to regroup and set its sights firmly on the future, launching its own progressive uniform, safety, and healthcare brands. 

Pushing the boundaries of expert footwear

IBG believes the consumer deserves better, focusing on creating brands that are pushing boundaries, with a holistic approach to design, development, and community, ensuring engagement with the end-users.

There is an understanding that it is not just physical strength that consumers require, but mental agility and resilience. By partnering up with Mental Health charities, IBG are on a mission to ensure that these communities have the ongoing support they need.

Looking at the wider picture and industry practices, IBG also understands the broader need for change in the footwear industry. As a proactive step towards more sustainable practices, the company is partnering up to establish a strong footwear recycling program across the groups own brands. 

IBG wants to make it easier for customers to recycle their old footwear and will therefore offer to recycle for them. Working with Fast Feet Grinded, based in the Netherlands, customers’ old footwear will be turned into foam and rubbers that can be reused in safety flooring, preventing injury in hospitals, schools, and care homes.

IBG are relaunching the iconic TOTECTORS® safety footwear brand, launching 4SYS®, a new uniform footwear brand, and ezeez®, for healthcare professionals.  



IBG are proud to relaunch the iconic Totectors® brand, revamped for a new consumer. This safety product is designed for today’s trades, allowing the consumer to refine their look. Gone are the heavy, bulky, old-school styles, replaced with sleek, lightweight shoes that you’ll be happy to keep on your feet at the end of the working day.



Throughout COVID, it became apparent how much healthcare professionals are the unsung heroes of today. With ezeez®, IBG wants to make their days that little bit easier. With the 4 phases of walking built into the design to ensure all-day comfort and support, these easy-on, easy-off shoes make those 12-hour shifts feel a little lighter.



This is high-end uniform footwear, engineered specifically for the different uniform forces. With over 40 years of experience managing and designing products for global military and uniform personnel, the IBG team are experts in this sector. The 4SYS® brand will be focused primarily on contracts and B2B, with direct-to-consumer to follow.

Challenging the status quo

Through ongoing innovation, design, development and brand management, IBG seeks to continually take their brands to the next level. 

The portfolio of brands delivers fit-for-purpose products with top performance qualities and value, building equity with customers and consumers.

At IBG, the mission is to create uniform, safety and healthcare brands consumers want to wear, not just products they have to use.

New office and sales team

To bolster the launch of these new brands in the UK, IBG is excited to be opening a new sales office and showroom in Northampton, the home of British shoemaking. 

This centrally located base ensures proximity to key customers and allows for a proactive strategy in this key market.

To head up sales in the UK, Rhys Elavia will be joining the team. Rhys has spent his career in the footwear, clothing and PPE markets, working for brands such as Hi-Tec UK, Delta Plus UK and Orbit Manufacturing.

IBG is excited to have Rhys on the team to relaunch Totectors®. The brand has been in his family for generations as his grandfather worked in the factory whilst his father rose to the position of Sales Director. 

They have also taken on a new Sales Manager for Benelux and Germany, putting the business in a prime position to roll-out the brands. Gabriel Duifs has worked in the footwear business for 20 years. He is no stranger to the uniform and PPE industry, having spent 16 years with MAGNUM®, followed by HAIX and Valgro.

Proud sponsor of PCIAW® Summit & Awards 

“IBG is excited to be a sponsor of the PCIAW® Summit and Awards. It is an honour to be a part of such a prestigious event and a great opportunity to meet with like-minded businesses and individuals to build a brighter, post-pandemic future in the industry.”

International Brands Group (IBG) is excited to announce that the business is moving forward as a sponsor of the PCIAW® Summit, Networking & Awards event on 2nd - 3rd November 2021, as well as joining the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW®) as a new Trusted Member.

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