INTERSCHUTZ is ready to return in June 2022

Preparations to restart INTERSCHUTZ, the world’s leading trade fair for the fire-fighting, rescue and emergency services, civil protection, safety and security are well underway.
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Preparations to restart INTERSCHUTZ, the world’s leading trade fair for firefighting, rescue and emergency services, civil protection, safety and security are well underway.

INTERSCHUTZ will take place from 20-25 June 2022 as a live physical event and, for the first time, will be supplemented by an online component, thus considerably extending its outreach.

The core of the event will remain the face-to-face interaction between exhibitors and visitors from every sector, including opportunities to meet in the exhibition halls, on the open-air site and in the city centre of Hannover. The event offers attendees the chance to personally experience a diverse range of products and equipment.

“We are really looking forward to this INTERSCHUTZ reunion with exhibitors, business friends and visitors in Hannover. The keen anticipation and palpable interest in this long-awaited event across the entire sector is overwhelming.

Due to the pandemic, it was necessary to postpone the trade fair twice. As a result of this difficult but nonetheless unavoidable decision, the anticipation of the event in June is now all the greater. Hannover will once again offer a central platform for countless innovations and innovations for the rescue and fire-fighting services, civil protection, security and safety”, explains Dr. Jochen Köckler, chairman of Deutsche Messe AG.

“INTERSCHUTZ is a very special trade show as it generates a wide range of different emotions, images and narratives. Compassion and commitment play a quite decisive role in this sector and it is heartening to see such across-the-board enthusiasm and commitment to INTERSCHUTZ and to the sharing of know-how and the promotion of networking. INTERSCHUTZ is the ultimate platform for the international community and we are confident that the next event will build on the success of the previous trade fair in 2015”, says Bernd Heinold, project manager of INTERSCHUTZ at Deutsche Messe AG.

The whole sector is buzzing about the upcoming event

INTERSCHUTZ 2022 can already boast an encouraging number of bookings. Market leaders have long since booked their company’s trade fair stands, while the event’s long-standing partners, in particular professional bodies such as the German Fire Protection Association (vfdb), the VDMA Fire Protection Technology Association, the German Fire Services Association (DFV), the Hannover fire-brigade service and other representatives from the community of professional fire-fighters, rescue services, technical assistance sector and civil protection services are enthusiastic about the return of INTERSCHUTZ.

The President of the German Fire Protection Technology Association, Dirk Aschenbrenner, declared: “The crises and disasters of the recent period have underlined the importance of both voluntary services and reliable, innovative technical support. INTERSCHUTZ provides the worldwide community of emergency, protection, rescue and security services with a central platform for the further development of organizations, systems and technical solutions. After seven years, we are finally able to welcome this opportunity for users and industry to get together again and promote the solutions of the future.”

The managing director of the VDMA, Dr. Bernd Scherer, is also looking forward to INTERSCHUTZ and emphasized the significance of the event for this sector of industry:

“INTERSCHUTZ has always played a role in encouraging innovation in the field of fire-fighting and fire-prevention technology. It has, for example, helped promote smart networked solutions for various operations, as well as reliable real-time communication using 5G networks, digital assistant devices and electronic drives. Hannover has always been, and still is, the perfect international showcase for exciting user-oriented technological solutions for fire detection and control.”

This view is shared by the President of the German Fire Services Association, Karl-Heinz Banse: “I am really looking forward to the 29th German Fire Services Day and INTERSCHUTZ, which will take place at the same time in Hannover in mid-June. The German Fire Services Association and its partners will be presenting content and concepts on the theme of “Safe Living – together in safety”, as well as highlighting the work of the fire-brigade services under current conditions. We are confident our event will prove a great success!”

Wide-ranging program with focus on digital networking

The overarching theme of INTERSCHUTZ is the digitization and networking of the various “players” in this sector in Germany and other countries. This topic is becoming more and more important in view of the increasing frequency of major catastrophes and climate change. Numerous exhibitors will therefore be placing the spotlight on the value and potential benefits of digital technology at their stands as well as in forums and symposia. The program presents data exchange technology and networked systems for use in diverse types of operation, including the use of drones in rescue missions.

For instance, in areas that are difficult for teams to access, drones can be used to assess conditions more quickly and accurately, as well as to localize and identify dangerous situations. Emergency apps on mobile devices is a topic which has moved up the agenda: these are invaluable when emergency services cannot be reached or communication systems break down, as happened last year when severe flooding in southern and western Germany caused major damage and disruption. Of course, digitization is also crucial in smart routing which uses real-time traffic data to calculate the fastest routes to an incident and has the capacity to manage traffic lights automatically to ensure a green light for emergency services.

The INTERSCHUTZ exhibition portfolio is structured in six different keynote themes. In addition to the large category dedicated to the fire services, the program features the rescue and emergency services, civil protection, communication and control centre technology, as well as protective equipment. Fire prevention and protection will be featured for the first time as a separate display category in its own right. Suppliers of fire extinguishing equipment and extinguishing agents will exhibit here, alongside exhibitors from the construction sector and the areas of technical fire prevention and building protection.

Visitors can expect to find a varied program comprising congresses, workshops and training sessions, as well as live demonstrations and exciting competitions. The program will boast a total of more than 70 separate events.

The German Fire Services Association will be holding its 29th German Fire Services Day parallel to INTERSCHUTZ. The event is dedicated to the theme of “Safe Living – together in safety” and can be expected to attract a large number of visitors interested in various aspects of fire-fighting. It is organized in cooperation with the Federal State of Lower Saxony, the Lower Saxony Fire Services Association, the city of Hannover and the Hannover Fire-brigade Service. On the eve of INTERSCHUTZ, Sunday 19th, the inner-city area of Hannover will again see the “Blaulichtmeile” – a line-up of blue emergency lights which gives a taste of what is to come and marks the advent of the trade fair.

As an important international meeting place, INTERSCHUTZ attracts visitors interested in the fire services from across the world. Continuing the practice of earlier trade fairs, there will be three Nation Days dedicated to a specific nation, this year France, Italy and the USA. The first Nation Day, on Tuesday 21st June, will feature France, followed by Italy on Wednesday and the USA on Thursday, when American professional rescue teams and volunteers will take centre stage.

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