Introducing Optitex

Optitex is a leading global provider of cutting-edge development software solutions for the workwear, uniform, military, and PPE clothing industries. We benefit our customers by streamlining the production workflow throughout the supply chain, keenly focusing on pattern accuracy, fit predictability, and production efficiency, to create a truly sustainable development process.

With our trusted product development toolset, we offer a comprehensive start-to-finish solution, that supports intuitive and reliable pattern construction for a variety of sizes, size sets, and variation grading. Optitex’s virtual fit assessment tools utilize true-to-life simulations to ensure comfort and functionality across all sizes. Both are complemented by our robust marker making and nesting tools that enable highly-efficient production and smart costing, significantly minimizing material waste, and reducing costs. 

Optitex has over three decades of pattern development experience and expertise, with a global customer base of 30,000 users, including market leaders like Maurel Srl, Unidress, Guardian Protective Clothing, Meditex, Source Tactical Gear, Angel Armor, Tactical Tailor, Galls LLC, and Ametrine.






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