“Reset and rebuild something better than before”

The PCIAW® caught up with INVISTA CORDURA® brand to find out how they are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. 
How are you adapting to the market conditions?
CORDURA® Brand Business Development Director Cindy McNaull, explains the post COVID-19 market reset: “During this post COVID-19 environment we are all having to make some tough choices. For CORDURA® brand the choice was easy – we are not backing down on our commitment to sustainable innovation and creating tools that enable digital transformation and global connectivity. 
COVID-19 is giving us a chance to reset and rebuild something better than before. Experimentation, agility and entrepreneurial thinking are core values of INVISTA and the CORDURA® brand and we have a continued focus on developing future-proof transformative tools.”
How do you see the textiles, PPE and workwear community adapting?
This is a challenging time for our industry and it is how we deal with this as a collective global textiles community that will help define and set the foundation for the future. As consumers we are all being more selective with the products we purchase, and for the ones that we do buy we want them to go the distance. There is a lot of personal uncertainty during COVID-19 and we are all facing the challenge of personal connectivity in a digital world.  
Branded fibres can serve as anchor points in these changing times, offering tried and tested, proven performance that consumers can rely on. Using ingredient brands such as CORDURA® can really help with building trust through engaging storytelling. That is why we are focusing on delivering relevant digital support tools for our brand customers to help support consumer decision making.
CORDURA® brand has always believed that innovation becomes amplified by collaboration. INVISTA’s strong focus on adaptive thinking and rapid experimentation positions us for the new normal.  We continue to work on our digital tools and customer connection points to help navigate the journey ahead.

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Cindy McNaull, CORDURA® Brand Business Development Director 

Are you bringing any new developments to the PPE and workwear market?
New developments are certainly in the pipeline. For example, expansion of our CORDURA® ECO fabric line through the introduction of a recycled nylon family of durable, resilient solutions for technical bags, backpacks, accessories and footwear. The fibre driving this new collection is certified through GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and is engineered from reclaimed pre-consumer nylon fibre waste. This means minimizing reclaiming and repurposing manufacturing process waste to engineer durable products made from recycled ingredients that can be enjoyed for years to come.
This is in addition to the promotion of our enhanced portfolio of GRS certified recycled polyester CORDURA® ECO fabrics made from post-consumer waste such as plastic bottles and packaging. Discarded to durable – fabric solutions for everyday bags, accessories and footwear. This means less waste in landfills and longer lasting products that need to be replaced less often which is better for the environment. We are inspired to create durable fabrics for a more sustainable world. 
In other areas of the CORDURA® fabric portfolio we continue to build our range of durable, protective fabrics for garment reinforcement with innovative stretch options. There is also increased development in flame retardant fabrics with enhanced abrasion resistance using CORDURA® fibre technology.
How have consumer attitudes to PPE changed? 
Trend indicators suggest that after COVID-19, consumers will be valuing longevity. They have a heightened awareness of PPE – the value of protection. This mindset when shopping aligns nicely with our long-standing mantra of creating durable heritage products that will stand the test of time. The CORDURA® brand is firmly rooted in a military and workwear heritage and have helped provide protection for soldiers and workers for over 50 years. The latest range of CORDURA® stretch fabrics for garment reinforcement designed for workwear and active outdoor gear, offer the protective functionality and long-lasting durable performance sought by designers developing work clothing and PPE solutions for the post COVID-19 world.
How have you adapted to the new business conditions?
We were well underway with digital and foundational transformation of the CORDURA® brand, but this crisis has certainly underscored the importance and sense of urgency to respond in a faster moving world. COVID-19 has re-emphasised the need to be able to respond faster, create more virtual connections and build bridges that you might have been able to do face to face. The CORDURA® brand is certainly focused on being nimble, flexible and experimental. But we are continually reminded of the need to have the right tools and expertise at our fingertips – and a big part of this is having a diversified portfolio of CORDURA® supply chain partners and a targeted innovation pipeline; as well as the ability to pivot, adapt and experiment quickly.
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CORDURA is a trademark of INVISTA for durable fabrics.

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