Katie Young, Bespoke Textiles, joins the Uniform Buyers’ Network webinar panel


Katie Young, Founder and Creative Director at Bespoke Textiles, is joining the panel on the Uniform Buyers’ Network studio webinar on 6th April 2022 at 2:30 pm.

With the Uniform Buyers' Network just weeks away on 6th April 2022, we joined Louise Johnson, Retail Corporate Wardrobe Manager, Royal Bank Scotland to discuss the procurement, design and collaboration required in the buying process for procurers across the world.

The Uniform Buyers’ Network (UBN) webinar is educational for buyers of professional clothing and the UBN Associates from Virgin Galactic, Natwest and Air Canada will interview Katie to understand the potential now, and of the future for the circular economy.

Introducing Katie
Katie is the founder and creative director of Bespoke Textiles. Her main aim in her role is to do everything as consciously and creatively as possible whilst tailoring a supply chain that saves waste. 

Katie has been designing, developing, and customising clothes for 30 years – something she began as a child. She is now a multiple award-winning designer of uniforms and fashion, Katie specialises in customised garments with a collection of exquisite clothing made in her factories or by her artisan network. She is progressive in her skills of repurposing and repairing textiles.

“I create and make unique sustainable clothing collections for niche brands. So that they have stunning standout styles they love and a tailored supply chain that saves waste. I believe in creating and recreating Forever Pieces and stopping all Textile landfill.”

Katie Young, Founder and Creative Director, Bespoke Textiles

Katie is also the author of her No.1 best selling book, The Textile Touch.

We are excited to have Katie join our speakers at the Uniform Buyers’ Network. Click the link below to register.