KEELA Launches Pregnancy Panel To Promote Diversity, Inclusion and Product Longevity

pregnant white woman holding her belly with words baby on board written on her shirt

British outdoor clothing brand KEELA has released a brand-new zip-in pregnancy panel designed to provide comfort and protection for expecting parents, allowing them to continue to wear its performance clothing through each stage of their pregnancy. 

The one-of-a-kind panel can be used across Keela’s full range of jackets, attaching to the main zip. Available in a range of sizes and fabrics, the panel allows the wearer to continue enjoying the outdoors in the comfort of the additional room provided, without having to compromise on protection from the elements.

Since the initial launch at the UK Outdoor Trade Show last month, this addition to Keela’s collection has already been recognised by the professional panel at the Outdoor Trade Show Awards and is one of the three finalists in the Diversity & Inclusion category.

The zip-in panel has been developed as part of Keela’s strategy to offer cost-effective, durable, and versatile clothing solutions that will increase the longevity of their product’s lifespan, and thus reduce the brand’s impact on the environment.

In addition to the pregnancy panel, Keela offers a variety of services and products aimed to cater for a wide range of customers, including larger-sized clothing of up to size UK 20/3XL and customising of clothing for wheelchair users.

The new development further reinforces the brand’s goal to design and produce performance clothing options for a diverse portfolio of customers and strengthens the narrative that the outdoors is for everyone to be enjoyed.

Keela Sales Director Sam Fernando said, “We are hugely proud to unveil our Zip-In pregnancy panel. Pregnancy can be a challenging time for an expecting parent, and we hope the panel can help to provide a bit of freedom and flexibility during what can otherwise be a tough time.

“At Keela we continue to push the limits of design and innovation in our quest to make the outdoors as open to everyone as possible, and this latest launch is further evidence of that.”

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