Key role for Kipaş in EU’s multi-million New Cotton Project

Kipaş lands key role in EU’s multi-million New Cotton Project

Kipaş has been selected for the denim manufacturing partner in the European Union’s New Cotton Project, aiming to encourage collaboration within the textile industry to embrace technology to create a circular textile economy.

Based in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey, Kipaş is underway in the installation of the third Monforts Montex stenter, alongside a compressive shrinking system for the sole purpose of denim production.

The denim manufacturer underwent these installations following the success of the installation and commissioning of the previous Montex and Monfortex lines at the Kahramanmaraş plant in 2018. The Vice Chairman of the Board of Kipaş Ahmet Öksüz reported the 2018 installation immediately exceeded expectations.

“We performed a very thorough technical investigation based on the latest Industry 4.0 analysis before the purchase, to determine what we needed, and the Monforts technology met all our requirements,” he said, in an interview with Textilegence magazine. “The Monfortex is equipped with a variety of features not found on classical shrinkage machines and the production can be monitored from beginning to end. It also exceeded our expectations in energy cost savings.”

Kipaş received recognition of its exceptional utilisation of the technology and received a special certificate from Monforts for its results.

The Montex stenter being installed for denim manufacturing is a 12-chamber unit, 2-metres wide featuring the latest automation technology. It has a ‘double rubber’ configuration, comprising two compressive shrinkage units and two felt calendars in line. This allows the heat setting of elastane fibres and the residual shrinkage of the denim to be carried out simultaneously, for a significant increase in production speeds.

“Around 90-95% of denim fabric production now contains elastane fibres and the Monforts system has allowed us to simultaneously increase our production and quality in this respect,” Mr Öksüz said.

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