Klopman, a leading European producer of workwear fabrics, launches virtual showroom

Klopman virtual exhibition

Klopman, the workwear fabric producer launches a virtual showroom as an innovative marketing project designed to reproduce the experience of an exhibition with the possibility to ‘touch’ the products.

The first Klopman Virtual Showroom, devised by the Italian-based workwear fabric manufacturer producing 40 million metres of fabric per year, is now online. This innovative marketing and communication project has been created to maintain close contact with customers even in a time of emergency, thanks to the most modern technologies.

“We are very proud to offer this new opportunity to our customers and to all those who would like to experience the Klopman world. Maintaining a constant dialogue with the market is even more important today because it has a long-term effect on mutually trustful relationships with our customers in the company,” said Amaury Sartorius, Managing Director of Klopman.

“The Klopman Virtual Showroom has been designed considering every detail in order to ensure an interactive and immersive experience that reproduces, as much as possible, the sensations that we all experience  during  fairs and that this year we could not accomplish due to the Covid-19 emergency.” continues Rossella De Angelis, Klopman’s Marketing Executive Manager.

The Klopman virtual showroom

The objective of the Virtual Showroom is to give its customers a 360° experience, focusing on their needs and requirements, which is as similar as possible to the real thing. One of the main aims of the showroom is the company’s commitment to sustainability, illustrated by the evidence in the newly released fifth edition of its sustainability report. A significant space is given over to the world of Klopman green fabrics, a product that is the result of the company’s pioneering commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment in workwear fabric production and use.

The platform offers the opportunity to discover the company’s latest Greenwear™ products, including the new sustainable fabric Vitalys, made with fibre obtained from wood pulp and recycling textile waste such as cotton scraps.

One-to-one advice and a physical touch kit – to ‘feel fabrics with your hand’

Within the Virtual Showroom it also be possible to have dedicated meetings with Klopman experts, to discover the products most suitable to your business and all their features and advantages. After the consultation, visitors can receive a “Physical Touch Kit” to really feel the products they have discussed – a perfect combination of real and virtual experiences.

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