Klopman joins the United Nations carbon footprint agreement

Klopman joins the global compact of the United Nations Global footprint agreement

Klopman – a European leader in the production of fabrics for workwear – has officially joined the United Nations ‘carbon footprint’ agreement.

The Global Compact agreement commits companies to work in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted on the 25th September 2015 by the General Assembly of UN.

The goals are orientated towards the eradication of extreme poverty, the spread of peace and the promotion of prosperity and human development on a global level by 2030.

This also offers further proof of Klopman’s orientation towards an ethical way of doing business, demonstrated in the data of the latest 2019-2020 sustainability report.

The report highlights important goals achieved, such as:

  • an annual decrease of over four thousand tons in CO2 emissions
  • 25% increase in fabrics produced with sustainable raw materials
  • 40% reduction in waste produced compared to 2017-2018
  • the equivalent of other eight million plastic bottles reused thanks to the use of recycled polyester in production of the range of green fabrics

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The company also has a system for analysing the carbon footprint of its products – a measure that expresses as an equivalent of CO2 the total greenhouse gas emissions associated directly or indirectly with a product. As well as consistently and transparently monitoring the impact of company activities in terms of consumption of raw materials and energy, the commitment also aims to identify and implement measures to reduce or neutralise emissions.

Amaury Sartorius, Managing Director of Klopman commented, “The publication of the sustainability report is a very important moment for Klopman, as it concretely communicates to our stakeholders the attention to social responsibility that has now become an integral part of our way of doing business and a fundamental element of Klopman’s distinction in the market. Actions such as the signing of the United Nations Global Compact agreement and our adoption of the carbon footprint measurement are more than a mere declaration of intent; they demonstrate the direction of a company with global reach that intends not only to produce economic results but, above all, to be a social actor capable of improving the lives of communities.”

For more information, please visit www.klopman.com.

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