Launching the UK Manufacturers Roundtable

When considering the insecurity of the textile supply chain in recent years, there has never been a better time for UK-based professional clothing and textile manufacturers to unite behind a common goal – strengthening the competitiveness and sustainability of UK manufacturing. By coming together to share insights, capabilities, and challenges, we can showcase the immense value the UK industry provides and lobby for the government support it deserves.

Project Agenda & Aims:

  • Collaborate to showcase the strengths of UK manufacturers and secure contracts
  • Build resilience through local production, secure British textile skills
  • Provide data to equip advocates to lobby the UK government
  • Encourage Buy British policies
  • Demonstrate the value textiles has in the UK economy

The UK Manufacturer Roundtable Project will facilitate collaboration between manufacturers of all sizes to amplify our voice, demonstrate the UK’s competitive advantages, and secure a larger share of public sector contracts. For too long government rhetoric about awarding tenders to SMEs has not translated into action, and the events of the pandemic highlighted how total reliance on global supply chains has left our frontline workers without protection. By coming together we can demonstrate that British SMEs and other manufacturers have the ability to take on technical textiles, and through buying locally we can make sure we always have the professional clothing when we need to function.

The benefits to the UK are multifaceted – providing much-needed demand to boost profitability and justify workforce investment and training, driving economic growth through GDP and employment contributions, improving supply chain resilience by onshoring production, and enhancing sustainability through localised manufacturing. Awarding more contracts to UK manufacturers will help offset rising overheads from minimum wage increases and provide security for businesses relying heavily on a few major clients.

By participating in the Project’s initial benchmarking and data gathering, manufacturers can equip industry advocates with empirical evidence on production capacities, workforce demographics, training gaps, and more. This will allow tailored policy recommendations to be presented to local and national government on how they can support growth and competitiveness through smarter procurement. We can also highlight the reputational benefits of sourcing ethically from UK manufacturers versus overseas – providing case studies of supply shortages and encouraging public sector buyers to demand British-made.

The time is now to demonstrate the immense value the UK can bring to the textile manufacturing industry, but we can only do so by working together. By joining the PCIAW® UK Manufacturer Roundtable Project your company can be part of shaping the sector’s future success.

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