Lectra Joins PCIAW® Trusted Member Network

The PCIAW® is excited to announce that Lectra has joined the association as a Trusted member, offering digital design and manufacturing solutions which allow more efficient collaboration and reduce wastage.

Founded in 1973, Lectra is a major player in the fashion, automotive, and furniture markets, offering industrial intelligence solutions for software, equipment, data, and services, facilitating business’ digital transformation.

Connecting the dots between emerging trends, market evolutions and future-focused business solutions is the core of Lectra’s innovation strategy. Experience and experimentation, successes and failures, and passionate, pragmatic people allow them to bring pioneering ideas to life.

The strategic acquisitions of Gerber Technology, Neteven, Retviews and Gemini CAD Systems have enabled Lectra to integrate businesses with proven innovation abilities into the larger Lectra group and build up a portfolio of solutions that expand their footprint along the value chain so that they can cover their customers’ needs.

Fashion on Demand

Lectra’s Fashion On Demand service consists of a Digital Cutting Platform and single-ply fabric cutting solution called Virga. Vigra is a turnkey solution that automates on-demand production right from order reception, giving manufacturers a complete view of the entire on-demand process. With the assistance of Vigra clients are faster, more agile, and more efficient in handling all orders from small series and last-minute orders to custom and made-to-measure garments.

Lectra Digital Cutting Platform is a cloud-based data hub that connects clients’ IT systems to the cutting room, ensuring efficient planning, cutting and optimization processes. Within the Platform, clients will find data (on products, materials, and orders), connectors (to ERP systems, MIS, CRM systems) and business applications.

Thanks to the information stored in the Material Manager, Product Manager, and System Manager applications, the Lectra Digital Cutting Platform automatically processes customer orders and generates cutting jobs with all the information necessary for cutting. These include material and marker constraints, cutting parameters, grouping rules, offloading addresses, and cutting line assignments.

Industry 4.0

Drawing from 49 years of business expertise, Lectra has been offering intelligent solutions since 2007. Their product offering, a winning combination of software, equipment, data analysis and services, encapsulates the spirit of Industry 4.0.

Lectra continues to increase its cloud-based services, collecting and analysing the usage data of its solutions through artificial intelligence, developing new services for the market.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

An ecosystem of devices and physical objects that can exchange data over a network without any need for human intervention, IIOT is a big leap in technology. Today’s IIOT solutions can also analyse data and relay information about equipment to operators for predictive maintenance, helping them minimize machine downtime, errors, and waste.

Lectra believes in keeping an open mind to new ideas and ways of working. Their solutions and equipment were born out of a collective vision for the future, formed by years of experience working with external partners and customers.  

Lectra paving the way for a digital future

With a 500-strong R&D team spearheading the implementation of their Industry 4.0 strategy, Lectra is constantly working with external suppliers, universities, newly acquired firms and customers to identify new business and collaboration opportunities. They are consciously creating a community that leverages collective intelligence to co-create products that the market needs, by perpetually exploring, assessing, designing and testing novel concepts. 

Read more about Lectra here.

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