Lectra: Sustainability and profitability to create value for all stakeholders

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The growing consumer demand for more sustainably made products is requiring the fashion industry to reduce their impact on the environment and use of natural resources.

To adapt quickly to the sustainability and social responsibility best practices, fashion companies are streamlining their operations and gaining greater control of their production processes to improve the way they plan, source, design, develop, produce and sell fashion products.

Smarter resource management at every stage of the production process not only mitigates waste and improves productivity, giving companies a boost in profitability; it also strengthens long-term resiliency and the ability for future generations to meet their needs.

With nearly 50 years of experience in the fashion industry, Lectra continues to make great technological strides to meet industry challenges. Lectra’s solutions capitalise on the latest best practices in product development to help customers work faster, more sustainably and more cost-effectively while maintaining optimal quality.

Last year, Lectra joined forces with recognised industry player Gerber Technology to create a world-leading advanced technology partner with unprecedented global reach and operating presence.

The two companies share a common culture of technological innovation, excellence and commitment to customer success. They also share a vision of delivering efficiencies and driving growth through Industry 4.0 services and digitalization. By merging as one, Lectra and Gerber Technology have consolidated their respective resources to accelerate development of new technological applications for the benefit of their joint worldwide customer base.

Consolidation of Lectra and Gerber Technology’s extensive research and development capabilities and an unmatched investment in innovation will propel their product portfolio beyond the state of the art. The new entity will meet emerging customer needs faster, through seamlessly integrated solutions with significantly greater added value.

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