Lenzing joins Textiles 2030

On the occasion of the one-year anniversary of CO 2 -neutral fibres of the TENCEL ™ brand, the Lenzing Group has announced the expansion of its fibre portfolio. 

PCIAW® Trusted Member Lenzing is now a signatory of Textiles 2030, WRAP’s groundbreaking initiative dedicated to accelerating the textile industry’s move towards a circular future in the UK.

Textiles 2030 was officially launched by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) in April 2021. The ten-year voluntary clothing and textile waste programme aims to slash the environmental impact of UK clothing and home fabrics through practical interventions along the entire textiles chain.

The Austrian business recently announced it is investing GBP20m (US$27.6m) in the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant at its Grimsby site as part of its bid to reduce wastewater emissions by 2022.

With the implementation of the project, Lenzing has biological wastewater treatment plants at all production sites in accordance with the quality standard of the best available technology (BAT). The plant design with new technology, which was developed as part of a research project, meets all requirements of British regulations and is supported by the local authorities.

Responsible use of water is one of Lenzing’s core areas under its sustainability strategy ‘Naturally Positive.’ The main topics are the efficient use of water in production and the use of the latest water treatment technologies.

Textiles 2030 aims to take the UK from a make-use-dispose culture to a circular one where goods are produced sustainably, used longer, and then re-used or recycled into new products. Central to this is the Target-Measure-Act approach, which requires clothing and textile businesses to set targets, measure their impact and track progress on both an individual business basis, and towards national targets and public reporting. 

Source:  just-style

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