Let’s Work Together to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

To help support the COVID-19 fight, we created the Gerber PPE Task Force to support manufacturers as they need to increase their production and/or transition to manufacturing PPE.

Our dedicated team of experts will provide you the patterns, expertise, technology, and support you need to begin or increase the production of PPE, including certain types of protective masks or other protective apparel and accessories. Some of the areas we already assist 600 manufacturers over the globe:

  • Production-ready patterns and markers 
  • Defining fabric and sewing requirements
  • Product feasibility matrix to help you identify which PPE you can produce according to your equipment
  • Helping with the setup of cutter parameters specific to the selected fabrics
  • Providing training, software, and equipment to ramp up production
  • Changing over current production lines to the production of PPE
  • Connecting supply and demand for PPE via our network of customers and partners

Our experts will then contact you shortly to discuss collaboration options with you. Basic consulting and support will be available at no charge and more expanded support and equipment can be defined on a case by case basis at highly-discounted rates with financing support.

NEW – Join forces with your fellow manufacturers and suppliers with our NEW Manufacturing Matchmaking Program!

As we had many requests from those of you looking for sewing or cutting capacity and others offering their support, we decided to launch a “PPE Manufacturing Matchmaking Program” to help you easily collaborate with one another. If you would like to connect with fellow manufacturers and suppliers, please fill out this form to be part of the program and access contact information for other manufacturers.

Get started!

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