Lancashire County Council

Tender type:

Live Contract Notice


Public organisation

Title of procurement & reference number:

Supply of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Reference number: 15243308


Not provided in notice – see tender documents

Product description:

Workwear, PPE, Accessories

Duration of contract:

Duration in months: 24. All Contracts will expire after 24 months. However there may be an extension period subject to the agreement of both LCC and the Supplier and contractual performance, by any number of defined periods provided that the total maximum duration of the Contract does not exceed four (4) years.


Not provided in notice – see tender documents

Short description:

Lot No: 1 - Supply and Delivery of High Visibility and PPE Clothing Lot No: 2 - Supply and Delivery of Head, Eye, Ear and Respiratory Protection Lot No: 3 - Supply and Delivery of Footwear, Gloves and General PPE

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