Galway Fire and Rescue Service — Galway County Council

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Live Contract Notice


Public organisation

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Supply of Structural Firefighting PPE for Galway Fire and Rescue Service


Estimated 300,000.00 EUR

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Start: 09/12/2019 End: 09/12/2022


Can be found within the tender documents

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Galway County Council invites tenders to this request for tenders from economic operators for the supply of the goods as described in Appendix 1 to this RFT. In summary, the goods comprise: supply of structural fire fighting equipment. In addition, the tenderer will provide a breakdown of repair and replacement costs for the following: — cost for collection of garment from HQ, inspection, cleaning/sterilization of garment, delivery of clean/repaired garment to HQ, — replacement/repair of zips, — replacement/repair of cuffs, — replacement/repair of Velcro, — replacement/repair of reflective stripes, — replacement of graphics to rear of tunic, — stitching of damaged garment, e.g. damaged area of 5 cm. Tenders will be awarded marks using the formula as outlined in Section 5.1. The tenderer must be in a position to state a period of fixed prices for future purchases of tendered fire kit model and the future care and maintenance of tendered fire kit model.

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