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Live Contract Notice


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Non – Clinical PPE, Work Wear, Slipper Socks, Bedding, Disposable Patient Wear and Miscellaneous Textiles


Value excluding VAT: 20,000,000.00 GBP

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Workwear, PPE, Accessories

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Duration in months: 24 This contract is subject to renewal: yes Description of renewals: The framework agreement will have an initial term of 24 months with an option to extend incrementally for up to a total period of 48 months.


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NHS Supply Chain seeks to establish a non-exclusive framework agreement for the supply to NHS Supply Chain depots, via the e-direct, direct, Stock and Blue Diamond Routes for non-clinical PPE, work wear, slipper socks, bedding, disposable patient wear and miscellaneous textiles. The framework agreement will have an initial term of 24 months with an option to extend incrementally for up to a total period of 48 months. It is anticipated that in the first 24 months of the framework agreement the value of purchases will be in the region of GBP 20 000 000. For the full 48 month term (if extended) the anticipated value is circa GBP 40 000 000. These values are approximate only and are based on the most recent historical usage information, with a forecasted level of growth. The values provided are for guidance only and are not a guarantee of business.

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The deadline date is 6th January at 3pm. List and brief description of conditions: Applicants should refer to II.2) of this contract notice for further details in respect of appointment to the individual lots across the framework agreement. Applicants may bid for one, more than one or all of the lots and applicants should refer to the invitation to tender for more information in respect of this. The term of contracts formed under the framework agreement may continue beyond the end of the term of the framework agreement itself. NHS Supply Chain — Hotel Services expects to provide successful suppliers with the opportunity to offer additional savings to customers through the provision of discounted pricing, value added offerings and commitment initiatives. NHS Supply Chain — Hotel Services will share savings information in order to assist its customers with making informed procurement decisions. NHS Supply Chain — Hotel Services intends to enter into arrangements under which it will be entitled to purchase supplies and/or services which it will make available for purchase by:1) Any NHS Trust;2) Any other NHS entity;3) Any government department, agency or other statutory body (for the avoidance of doubt including local authorities); and/or4) Any private sector entity active in the UK healthcare sector. Only NHS Supply Chain — Hotel Services can order from the framework agreement and enter into contracts under it. NHS Supply Chain reserves the right to purchase goods from the framework agreement resulting from this procurement process for the stockpile that NHS Supply Chain holds for the pandemic influenza preparedness programme (‘PIPP’). In such case, the PIPP stock is held in deep storage, meaning the goods will be held palletised in standard racking for the duration of their shelf life and the goods will only be issued in the event of a flu pandemic or other health related emergencies. Electronic ordering will be used and electronic invoicing will be accepted and electronic payment will be used. For the avoidance of doubt, and notwithstanding the estimate indicated at II.2.1), NHS Supply Chain — Hotel Services does not guarantee any level of purchase through the framework and advises applicants that the framework shall be established on a non-exclusive basis. Tenders and all supporting documentation for the contract must be priced in sterling and written in English. Any agreement entered into will be considered a contract made in England according to English law and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. NHS Supply Chain — Hotel Services is not liable for any costs (including any third party costs fees or expenses incurred by those expressing an interest, participating or tendering for this contract opportunity. NHS Supply Chain — Hotel Services reserves the right to terminate the procurement process (or part of it),to change the basis of and the procedures for the procurement process at any time, or to procure the subject matter of the contract by alternative means if it appears that it can be more advantageously procured by alternative means. The most economically advantageous or any tender will not automatically be accepted. All communications must be made through NHS Supply Chain - Hotel Service's e-Tendering portal at using the message centre facility linked to this particular contract notice.

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