North Lincolnshire Council

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Live Contract Notice


Public organisation

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DN548428 Dynamic Purchasing System for Personal Protective Equipment



Product description:

Workwear, PPE, Accessories

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Estimated contract dates Start date 01/08/2021 End date 31/07/2026


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North Lincolnshire Council (The Authority) is establishing a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the procurement of both disposable and re-usable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other associated products as required. When the Authority identifies a requirement for an item of PPE a further competition shall be run amongst those DPS Suppliers admitted to the DPS. Candidates are able to apply for all or any combination of lots: o Lot 1 – Clinical PPE o Lot 2 – Non Clinical PPE o Lot 3 – Workwear PPE The DPS remains open to any supplier that meets the selection criteria throughout it's 5 year duration. The DPS does not guarantee any minimum spend. Other Contracting Authorities within the Lincolnshire and Humber regions may access this DPS to run further competitions in accordance with the DPS terms and conditions, although there is no obligation for them to do so. In the event of a further competition the concluded contract shall be between the other Contracting Authority and the Provider. Contracting Authority means one of the following:- A Local Authority or Clinical Commissioning Group that is in one of the following regions: a. Any Clinical Commissioning Group within i. North Lincolnshire ii. Kingston Upon Hull iii. North East Lincolnshire iv. East Riding of Yorkshire b. A local authority within: i. Kingston Upon Hull ii. North East Lincolnshire iii East Riding of Yorkshire

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