Derbyshire County Council

Tender type:

Live Contract Notice


Public organisation

Title of procurement & reference number:

DN584497 CCP099 Provision of Workwear (4 Lots)



Product description:

Workwear, Accessories

Duration of contract:

Start date 12/01/2022 End date 30/04/2026



Short description:

Derbyshire County Council (the Council) are inviting bids from companies to tender for the supply and distribution of Workwear to all departments of the Council. Examples of establishments where workwear is required could include Homes for Older People, Educational Establishments and Environmental and Transport departments. Workwear is also used for a range of building, maintenance and skilled construction jobs across the Council and will also service the requirements of ‘outdoor’ working departments such as the Derbyshire Countryside Service. Delivery will therefore be required across the Derbyshire region to re-supply stores and establishments and to meet ad hoc requirements. A wide range of workwear products and staff uniforms are essential in order to allow Council employees to efficiently and comfortably undertake their roles and to provide the required functionality in order to effectively complete tasks. Consistent uniforms are also important for Council staff to be recognised by service end users, especially in educational or care settings. Therefore quality, reliability and consistency of supply are key considerations for the Council whilst offering cost effective solutions and adhering to legal standards. The contract award will be split into four different lots with an award to one successful supplier per Lot. The Lots are as follows: - Lot 1: Construction and Outdoor Workwear - Lot 2: Catering and Personal Care Uniforms - Lot 3: Corporate Office Wear - Lot 4: Countryside Workwear

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