Newcastle University

Tender type:

Live Contract Notice


Public organisation

Title of procurement & reference number:

DN596465 NU/1754) - Supply of Sports Kit, Clothing and Accessories



Product description:

Accessories, Sportswear

Duration of contract:

Start date 22/03/2022 End date 30/04/2024



Short description:

Newcastle University is seeking to work with a multi-sport kit, clothing and accessories Supplier to develop a sports clothing brand at an affordable price for students that is: • easily identifiable within and externally to the University • compliant with the brand of both Newcastle University and Team Newcastle • suitable for competition and training. This project is to establish a Contract to: • develop and supply a range of multi-sport playing kit, training kit and accessories • provide an online shop to enable clubs and students to order directly with the Supplier, with a suitable secure payment method. • develop an incentive scheme to encourage staff, students and clubs to purchase the kit, clothing and accessories • deliver orders within an agreed timeframe • provide a high standard of customer service • maintain compliance with the brand of both Newcastle University and Team Newcastle • provide and maintain pricing that demonstrates equality i.e. it is expected male and female size cuts should be similar price and not more expensive than unisex cuts. We are looking for a Supplier with a proven track record and reputation for high quality, performance and recreational sports clothing for: • Sports Services • Sports and Exercise Science • Estates grounds staff • The Athletic Union • Newcastle University Students Union • Customers/students ordering directly

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