Managing your wardrobe with Ecmanage’s mobile app

Ecmanage is the leading wardrobe management platform in the Netherlands, built with the core focus of simplifying uniform distribution with intuitive tools. Alongside the Dutch market, Ecmanage also offers its platform to 43 countries, managing orders for workwear, PPE, and tools. Ecmanage’s easy-to-use clothing management portal simplifies the ordering process for customers, taking the headache out of wardrobe management.

For over a decade, Ecmanage has brought buyers and suppliers of professional clothing together through its comprehensive wardrobe management system. The company is always improving their system, which has culminated in the launch of its latest development: a native app. The new app will make the ordering process even more flexible and convenient for customers and employees, improving distribution efficiency and user satisfaction.

With rapid developments in technology and the growing need for consumers to have easy access to Ecmanage, businesses should consider ordering workwear via their mobile devices in addition to traditional channels. It is no longer necessary to wait until you have access to a desktop computer, as in the modern world most people have a digital device on them every day. The Ecmanage app will offer users the exact same functionality as the desktop portal, but with the added convenience of around-the-clock access.

Since Ecmanage can be fully customised, customers do not need to be concerned about losing their brand identity as corporate identity can be implemented directly in the app. System owners are also able to allocate virtual budgets to their employees, allowing users to purchase clothing items independently within a certain limit. Users of the app are able to purchase a range of clothing items selected by their employer, based on their function, terms of employment, and gender.

The app is native to a range of systems, and free to download on the Apple app store and the Google Play store. Ecmanage consciously chose to launch a native app instead of a progressive web app (PWA) for a handful of key reasons:

  • Data Security – A native app has more security features compared to a PWA app.
  • The performance of the application – Native apps run faster and with better processing performance.
  • Increased power – Native apps can make better use of a mobile device’s built-in capabilities.
  • Easy access – Log in using Face ID or Touch ID, saving time spent searching for passwords.

Ecmanage has already established itself as the market leader within the Netherlands and is growing rapidly on the international market. Clients are always welcome to request a demonstration to learn more about Ecmanage’s ordering system and the possibilities their platform can offer to your organisation.

Phone: +31 (0)70 4157120

PCIAW Uniform Networks Buyer, Trusted member