Matty Matheson and Designer Ray Natale Launch Workwear Label, “Rosa Rugosa”

Durable, well-fitted, and Canadian-made garments.

Known for his eclectic style, Chef Matty Matheson and designer Ray Natale have come together to launch “Rosa Rugosa.” Building on their roots in industries where trade garments are an essential part of their day-to-day routine, the label is centred around durable, well-fitted, and Canadian-made workwear. The duo connected on the belief that there is no current Canadian line that truly represented what they felt was the foundation of workwear.

Rosa Rugosa celebrates traditional workwear, aiming to address the distressing caused by extensive wear. The label provides utility, quality, and simple style that can be worn by any size or shape confidently.

Starting by finding a local factory that could manufacture heavy-weighted cotton, double-stitched, built-to-last garments, the duo’s plans were halted when the factory closed when the pandemic hit. Matheson and Natale ended up taking over the factory and all its sewing equipment, leading to the founding of the “Factory of Roses.” Overseeing every step of the design and production processes, the Factory of Roses employs local artisans and outfit local workers, including the front and back of house at Matty Matheson’s latest restaurant Prime Seafood Palace.

Chef Matty Matheson and designer Ray Natale share, “Beauty is the crack in the concrete and the rose that grows in the gravel. Rosa Rugosa, for work or sport.”

Priced between $50 and $175 USD, Rosa Rugosa now offers long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, pants, shorts, and trucker hats in a variety of colours and patterns. Head over to Rosa Rugosa’s website now to shop the inaugural selection.

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