Measure.Match.Manage.™ – Bodidata’s Innovative Sizing Solution

Bodidata solves the complex problem of size-matching in the apparel industry for both uniform and retail ready-to-wear (RTW) brands. Different uniform manufacturers and retail brands have different grading scales and measurements for the same size in their RTW collections. This inconsistency makes it difficult to determine the best-fitting apparel without manual, costly, error-prone processes.

Bodidata has created a unique patented solution that replaces manual processes and informs uniform providers, store associates and wearers of the best fit for each unique body shape.

Bodidata has grown into a global business with multiple locations around the world to serve different markets efficiently. Bodidata currently operates in the USA, Canada, Belgium, and Vietnam, serving clients across diverse regions.

Sizing technologies behind Bodidata

Bodidata’s innovative Measure.Match.Manage.™ solution is a comprehensive approach to size-matching. The company offers 4 integrated advanced Measurement technologies. A sophisticated understanding of the complexity of fit drives algorithms that Match wearers to optimal sizes. To further reduce returns and improve customer satisfaction the solution Manages wearers’ understanding of how each item will fit critical parts of their unique body.

Bodidata’s Measure.Match.Manage.™ suite of solutions includes:

  • Measure. – Bodidata includes every type of handheld measurement technology offered in the market including: 1.) Kora®, the only 3D Body Scanner that measures the body surface of an individual wearing normal street clothing, 2.) Bodimap 3DLiDAR Video, 3.) Bodimap 2 Photo, and 4.) Bodimap SelfMeasure.
  • Match. – Bodimatch® uses an industry-leading style taxonomy algorithm that interprets detailed clothing specifications, fabric elasticity, job function movement & safety requirements and visual appearance standards to match each 3D body to a virtual representation of each clothing item. It provides a granular understanding of how the recommended size will fit critical body measurements to ensure the right size is selected.
  • Manage. – BodiGuide™ helps manage and educate users on how clothes will fit their unique body shape before and after receipt to avoid unnecessary returns of the optimal-sized clothing.
Kora™ Scanner

Raising the bar for sizing companies

Bodidata’s solutions significantly exceed industry averages by providing over 95% accuracy in size recommendations, dramatically reducing returns caused by ill-fitting clothes and offering comprehensive fit management tools that enhance user understanding and satisfaction. High levels of accuracy and great results for users are why Bodidata has become a leader in size-matching technology.

Bodidata’s success lies in its holistic approach to size-matching and its patented Kora™ handheld scanner. It is the only handheld device capable of accurately measuring the body surface of a fully clothed individual. The Kora 3D Body Scanner is contactless, requires no special outfits, and does not capture or store images, ensuring privacy and convenience.

Successful implementations and recurring use by partners have resulted in a reduction in labour costs, returns, and inventories and had a positive impact on profits. Bodidata’s solution enhances wearer satisfaction and increases customer loyalty to their uniform suppliers.

How sizing can contribute to a better future

Reduced returns have a positive environmental impact and help partners meet their ESG objectives by reducing the ecological impact associated with high return rates. By accurately matching sizes and reducing the volume of returns, Bodidata helps decrease waste, pollution, and the consumption of natural resources caused by the textile industry. This aligns with ESG goals and supports the environmental beliefs and objectives of Bodidata.

Bodidata is expanding its partnerships with retailers and uniform suppliers. There have been multiple deployments of the Measure.Manage.Match.™ solution including a recent deployment by Dutch supplier Heigo ( where more than 2000 people were scanned using Kora™.

Bodidata ‘s capability includes leveraging its 3D body dimension database to improve product designs, resulting in a better overall fit across the grading scale for partners’ designs.

Interested parties can visit Bodidata’s website for more information or use the following contact details: or


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