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At 3DLOOK we understand that a company’s corporate wear is an extension of its brand. We also understand the importance of well-fitted uniforms to comfort, movement, safety, professionalism, and team morale. Measuring employees can be costly and time-intensive and most often leads to inaccurate fittings and ill-fitting clothing. Ill-fitting corporate clothing is not just uncomfortable but leads to decreased operational efficiency.3DLOOK’s Body Data Platform is a breakthrough solution to provide brands, corporate clothing manufacturers, and distributors of uniforms the most accurate body measurement and shape data about body types and sizes to ensure that the uniforms provided are the exact fit for the employee. 3DLOOK’s mobile body scanning technology which powers the platform diminishes size and fit problems with clothing in under 30 seconds from just two photos taken by the employee on any smartphone. The mobile-first technology alleviates the need to transport expensive technicians to manual measuring events saving time and costs for both the business and your team. The proprietary technology, which took the company’s world-class R&D team over three years to perfect to accuracy and repeatability of that of manual technicians, uses a combination of computer vision, neural networks, and statistical modeling. From the front and side photo of the employee (dressed in tight fitted clothing) taken anywhere and on any background, the technology generates a unique 3D body model, over 59 POMS (most ISO compliant) and body shape data which it then ports into the first of its kind body data dashboard. There the data is segmented, clustered, and analyzed to provide real-time analytics about an employee’s specific measurements and body shape. This measurement and shape data can be applied to optimize pattern development and grading rules, maximize production yields to cut down on fabric waste, know exactly how many garments of each size to order, and increase efficiency around planning, inventory forecasting, and distribution. The dashboard can also plot measurement parameters against existing size charts to analyze the % of employees who might fall within current specs and grade rules, or more importantly, who will never be able to optimize the current fit of the uniform. For companies selling DTC, 3DLOOK has also built a cross-platform size recommendation widget. The goal here is to eliminate the complexities and guesswork around fit and sizing when shopping online. The machine learning fit engine maps body shape data with product data generating size recommendations to help the customer visualize how the uniform will fit their unique body, eliminating the need to purchase multiple sizes and return what doesn’t fit.For companies focused on customizing uniforms, 3DLOOK’s product can be used to digitally collect measurements powering on-demand manufacturing through custom patterns.The company who last year won both the prestigious LVMH Innovation Award and the IEEE Digital Transformation Grand Challenge is excited to be applying it’s solution to the uniform sector, helping companies digitally transform to design best in class workwear for its employees. We understand that a brand’s greatest asset is their employee happiness and that well-fitting uniforms are a source of pride and productivity.For further information please contact:Joanna Ihoshyna, Head of Business Development | | +44 20-348-84792Svitlana Trofymenko, ​PR & Marketing Manager ​ | +49 15-257-139416

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