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Avenida da Boavista3523 - 7º andar, Porto, Porto4100-139, Portugal
Avenida da Boavista, 3523 - 7º andar


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Mr Cesar Araujo

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Association of Clothing and Apparel Industries - ANIVEC - represents the Portuguese apparel and clothing industry in several national institutions (State, CIP, Trade Unions, Press) and international (IAF, IFTF, Ginetex, Intercolor). manufacturers and distributors of the most diverse products.ANIVEC is the exclusive representative of Portugal at GINETEX (International Association for the Labeling of Textile Conservation) in Portugal, with the responsibility of promoting the implementation of the symbols of conservation of textiles, granting the right to reproduce and use them , as well as to control its use.ANIVEC is the exclusive representative of Portugal at INTERCOLOR (International Organization of Color), made up of 15 countries in Europe, Asia and the USA, which defines two years in advance the colors for the textile and clothing industry. This definition is drawn up on the basis of the original proposals from each country, discussed at a large joint forum held twice a year. ANIVEC is the exclusive representative of Portugal in the International Fur Federation (IFF) is the organization that represents the international fur trade. It has 49 members, who represent the fur industry around the world. All IFF members have signed the Code of Conduct, agreeing to abide by the rules and / or regulations of their country / region, regarding: Animal welfareEnvironmental regulationsLaws of workCompetition, Bribery and Corruption LawsInternational conventions, including CITES

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