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20A Ballygelagh Road, Ardkeen Down, BT22 1JG, United Kingdom
20A Ballygelagh Road


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Mr Stanley Russell

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A fellow of the Textile Institute, I am recognised as a pioneer within the textile industry. I have forged a formidable career creating efficient and dynamic commercial infrastructures, geared to maximise profit and derive maximum value for clients and stakeholders alike. I am a highly competent executive being able to distill complex problems into simple solutions. My extensive experience has granted me a valuable and multifaceted insight into business operations which provide comprehensive solutions aiming to charter sustainable growth. With a keen focus on innovation, I have a proven track record of devising agile supply chain initiatives aiming to streamline and enhance operational capacity to ensure continued success. Confident and collaborative in my approach, I have successfully nurtured and mentored teams to not only meet but exceed corporate objectives.

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Fabric & Fibre

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High performance laminated fabrics, Consultancy, Product innovation, Company planning

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