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Organisations with a large workforce can be burdened with the time-consuming and costly process of managing and ordering staff PPE, Workwear & Uniforms. It can be a resource-sapping process with a huge margin for error when it comes to budgeting.Workwear suppliers need a wardrobe/garment specific ordering system that allows their customers to easily order their stock digitally.A web-based uniform management system designed specifically for garment management can take away all the pain and frustration involved in the procurement of PPE, workwear & uniform. It offers a robust, easy-to-use system for employees, and allows management full access to data, control, and visibility in real-time of the large numbers of orders across the business.We build each platform to the exact specifications of each client. This ensures it is streamlined to existing processes. Below are some of the main features common to the platforms we have developed to date – but remember, this is only a snapshot of the possibilities!Set & Manage Staff AllowancesWith Smart Red, you have full control. Set allowances for members of staff by department to provide an annual and/or garment lifetime allowance. Allow orders placed within allowance to go directly with you/ your suppliers. This eliminates the need for a team to approve every order and gives employees full control. This self-service platform allows staff to input their required information themselves, which reduces errors.Inevitably, employees will over-order but there is a simple, built-in authorisation process to approve, amend or deny orders that exceed allowance. This allows you to allocate 'team leaders' who are notified and can step in when required.Add Wardrobe Specific GarmentsTo reduce errors and ensure employees are only ordering their correct uniform, you can assign ‘wardrobes’ for each role or department in your business. This makes it even quicker for employees to order, as they only see authorised garments for their job role. This gives you full control of the uniform ordering process, by limiting expensive over-ordering and overspend.Also, you are not restricted in the types of products you can add. For example, you may want to enable staff orders for Tools, PPE, Cleaning Supplies, Safety equipment. The eCommerce-style administration system makes it really easy to include these too - and to control who can order them.Real-time InformationThe Smart Red wardrobe management system can easily integrate with your/your supplier’s ERP system. This means that employees and management can see real-time stock information and manage expectations on delivery times. It also means that when an order is successfully placed, this is managed through the ERP system itself, so does not require any unnecessary employee/managerial input.SaaS SolutionSmart Red is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based solution, meaning you do not need to install any hardware. It is tailored specifically to your business which means you don't need to employ any new, complicated processes. Big Red Digital can host, maintain, and most importantly support and develop the platform alongside your team to give you the most freedom, and peace of mind that your investment is protected.It is available online 24/7, so employees can place an order whenever is convenient. It can also be accessed through a bespoke app for employees, with a tailored interface interacting with the Smart Red platform.ReportingAs you would expect, a system as powerful as this offers detailed and valuable reporting information. It is possible to report on the most granular areas – splitting costs, orders and budgets by department which helps in forecasting and cost-management.In short, this automated system saves organisations time, effort and ultimately money. Employees benefit from its flexibility whilst management retains full control of spend and orders.It's in place with over 50 global companies.

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