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220 Avenue des auréats, Valence, N/A26000, France
Avenue Albert Ramboz Pi Belle Etoile 69190 Saint-Fons- France


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Mr Florent Cottin

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DOMO PERFORMANCE FIBERSSince 1955, our Site in Valence (France) has been developing, producing and selling polyamide 6.6 fibers, used by many industries such as Technical Textiles (PPE, Workear or Uniform fabrics), Non-Woven (abrasives, aeronautics), Flooring (carpets), Flock (for upholstery, automotive and flooring) and other everyday consumer products.The single production site for DOMO performance fibers activity, it offers a high level of added-value solutions based on polyamide 66 fibers (staple fibers, crimped tow & tow for flock). On its 13 hectares, over 130 employees work on our continuous PA6.6 polymerization lines and continuous PA 6.6 yarn production (spinning of polyamide 6.6 into filaments and drawing of textile filaments into tow).

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Fabric & Fibre

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Nylon 6.6 Staple fibers, Nylon 6.6 Tow & Crimped Tow

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