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MagVision is very pleased to join the PICIAW as we have a unique solution to help the workwear industry move towards circularity. We are piloting magnetic barcodes as one of the technologies for the track and trace of workwear. Called MagID, this patented marking technology has been funded by a development grant from Horizon EU 2020. Magnetic codes have a real application for the traceability of garments as magnetic inks can be read through material. The codes are cheap to produce, resist high temperature washing, are scratch resistant, and can last for decades. Tracking garments is simple; the VerasID data management system includes a bespoke app for each customer and enables you to identify, authenticate and track where items are in the supply chain. We would love to talk to PICIAW members to run test pilots for MagID technology in the workwear industry. Please contact Dr. Nathalie Muller at to find out more! Products: Brand Protection system requirements analysis Track & Trace system Authentication system Cloud-based data management system

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Brand Protection system requirements analysis, Track & Trace system, Authentication system, Cloud-based data management system

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