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Station House, Shropshire, Telford County (optional), TF8 7JF, United Kingdom
15/17 Church Street, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 1LU


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Odegon Technologies offers patent protected revolutionary new products that use an ultra-porous technology to absorb body odour molecules. They can be discreetly integrated into clothing during manufacture. A single tag has the equivalent active internal surface area of an entire tennis court, giving it limitless odour absorbing functionality.Utilising nano-material technology to absorb unwanted odours, Odegon products will stop embarrassing situations for good.DeoTag - Biocidal chemical additives are probably the closest option to Odegon products, but they have huge disadvantages in terms of limited life span, regulatory restrictions and environmental concerns, and they are not ideal for all garments.DeoTag is the only non-allergenic, odourless, long lasting, environmentally friendly solution to body odour. Not only that, they are free from chemicals and have no fragrance. If you want permanent, instant, effective and reliable odour control or just peace of mind, choose Odegon DeoTag.Odegon Trim -Applying Odegon Trim to any type of luggage bag will work due to the air movement which is different to air flow. Even if the air is static when the bag is picked up the internal air will start to move causing the technology to react and absorb odour molecules. A fantastic solution for people always on the go, living out of suitcases, luggage bags or even sports bags. Even a small strip in handbags or a briefcase will increase longevity to the bag. DeoSole - DeoSole has arrived and it's set to revolutionise the foot and shoe deodorising market. These discreet shoe inserts go beyond mere odour masking, our revolutionary product dynamically destroys odour, using unique micro-porous technology.DeoSole is odourless and can be used on sensitive skin. The air cushioned patches are self-adhesive and unlike other products, do not require trimming to size. They can be used in any type of footwear, including trainers, and will continue working for weeks leaving the wearer satisfied.

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Clothing, Fabric & Fibre, Sporting Goods

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A fully managed service with branded off-the-shelf garments, providing the full solution and system, delivered direct to wearer.
A fully managed service with branded off-the-shelf garments, providing the full solution and system, delivered direct to wearer.

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DeoTag, DeoSole, Odegon Trim

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