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All uniform buyers joining the PCIAW will have access to a whole host of benefits. The PCIAW® has an experienced network of suppliers that can help you to source PPE, workwear and corporatewear for any industry.

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  • Access to a centralised tender library

    Buyers post tenders for the provision of professional clothing and research potential suppliers.

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    An exclusive knowledge bank of industry expertise, information and insights.

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    Be the first to receive exclusive industry specific news and information.

  • Industry events

    A dedicated centralised events calendar for the industry as a whole.

  • Exclusive discounts

    Supplied by third party providers supporting the professional clothing industry.

  • One voice

    Collective representation on matters that affect businesses both big and small.

  • Free tender listings

    Buyers from around the world can upload their tenders on the PCIAW® website for free.

  • Exclusive marketing

    Discounts on: rates for advertising, the Buyers’ Guide, the PCIAW® Summit, the PCIAW® Awards.

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