Meryl Fabrics® Celebrates 2022 Awards Success

A jubilant Meryl Fabrics® is celebrating a record year for awards, after chalking up an impressive 11 winner and finalist trophies presented by international and UK bodies in recognition of their firm’s major achievements in achieving sustainability with textile innovation.

As a pioneer in hi-tech sustainable materials and owners of the first in-house circular economy offering in textiles, Meryl Fabrics® was awarded the following major accolades this year:-

• Winner – Circular and Recycling Award, National Sustainability Awards 2022

• Winner – Industry Award for Sustainability, Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide Ltd (PCIAW®).

• Highly Commended – Best Fabric & Fibre Innovation, Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide Ltd (PCIAW®)

• Highly Commended – PPE Innovation in Clothing, Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide Ltd (PCIAW®)

• Finalist – Innovation Award, National Sustainability Awards 2022

• Finalist – Sustainable Business of the Year, The British Business Awards 2022

• Finalist – Water Reduction Award Finalist, National Sustainability Awards 2022

• Highly Commended – Manufacturer of the Year, Business Green Leaders Awards 2022

• Highly Commended – Materials Innovation, Med-Tech Innovation 2022

• Winner – Sustainability Award, Med-Tech Innovation 2022

• Finalist – Sustainable Fabrics in Healthcare, Tomorrow’s Care Awards 2022

Kevin Simpson, Co-Founder of Meryl Fabrics® comments: “Looking back on 2022, we are absolutely thrilled with the immense industry recognition we have received this year.

“At the heart of our organisation lies our purpose to stop climate change in its tracks.

The environmental impact of our reusable materials is the most exciting aspect of what we have pioneered. Our innovative technology uses hydrogen bonding to create strong molecular chains that seal all microfibres into the filaments. There is no release of microfibres into the air or oceans.

“Meryl Fabrics® doesn’t use the traditional water dying processes, so we don’t contaminate or use water, and we have virtually eradicated all production waste at the manufacturing stage, which can be as high as 22%, by returning, weaving, and cutting waste for reuse in new yarns. We integrate all colouring and treatments into the filaments at the spinning stage.

“Washed at a lower temperature to reduce energy usage, the fabrics, tested after 300 washes at 40˚C, show no reduction in protection or appearance. They have a hugely reduced transport route, significantly lowering the product’s carbon footprint from its creation to the end of its life when it can be fully recycled and made into another sustainable development.”

Driven by problem solving, the award-winning Meryl Fabrics® uses Nylstar Hydrogen bonding technology to enhance the molecular structure of fibres; seal-in microplastics within the yarn and improve the durability of garments. Their continual innovation in Meryl® Eco Dye offers a waterless dyeing process, saving thousands of litres of water during manufacture of fabric as they re-engineer the present of apparel. Meryl Fabrics® seeks to replace cotton with its exceptionally soft touch fabrics that feature natural stretch and moisture management properties that are designed to be recycled and offer other businesses a fully circular model in one place.

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