Meryl Fabrics® create sustainable textiles so you don’t have to

Meryl Fabrics®

Meryl Fabrics® has entered the textiles industry, creating an all-encompassing, in-house circular supply chain from raw material to manufactured fabric and garment, all the way through to recycling for truly sustainable textiles.

The sustainable pioneers are revolutionising the way in which textiles are processed and manufactured. Meryl Fabrics® has had the benefit of foresight in knowing all the problems the industry faces in polluting the planet and purposefully constructed its infrastructure to solve the problems that everybody else is facing.

A key opportuntity in professional clothing

The planet’s resources are being exhausted and in professional clothing, 90% of garments are ending up in landfills or incineration. Many companies provide clothing to wear at work. Meryl can reduce the impact on the environment by 50% simply by reusing it to make replacement garments, and they can prove it.

The benefit to employees is that it looks better and lasts longer, using fewer items and benefitting your bottom line.

Bedlinens is another area

By using Meryl Fabrics®, they can extend the number of washes to at least 300, meaning it will last more than three times longer. Then we can take it back for recycling to use to make new yarn and bedding.

Zero pollution & water-saving programmes

Meryl Fabrics® have eradicated the release of microfibres into our waterways. They do not use dyes, chemicals, or solvents. The environmental impact of our reusable materials is the most exciting aspect of what Meryl has pioneered.

Their innovative technology uses hydrogen bonding to create strong molecular chains that seal all microfibres into the filaments. There is no release of microfibres into the air or oceans

We have virtually eradicated all production waste at the manufacturing stage, which can be as high as 22%, by returning, weaving, and cutting waste for reuse in new yarns. All colouring and treatments are applied to the filaments at the spinning stage of the yarns,

Meryl Fabrics® washes at a lower temperature, and tested for 300 washes at 40˚C. And notably, the material shows no reduction in protection or appearance.

Moreover, Meryl’s European supply chain has a hugely reduced transport route, significantly lowering the product’s carbon footprint from its creation to the end of its life when it can be fully recycled and made into another sustainable development.

The Meryl Fabrics®’ operation has complete control and traceability, with their engineers and logistics experts monitoring all aspects of production. As our production facilities work to the detailed operation plans, Meryl Fabrics® has accountability, stringent monitoring, and complete audit trails.

Recycling programs for sustainable textiles

The in-house circular economic implications constitute a significant step forward in recycling.

Meryl recycled yarn is reusing post-industrial materials to create entirely new raw materials for yarn production, and we can produce with 50% to 100% of recycled raw materials. This environmentally friendly fabric maintains its quality with all the performance and exceptional touch.

Meryl Fabrics® can reuse all products at the end of their extended operational life and return them as identical replacements.

The benefit to the end-user is simple; they remove the need to dispose of the textiles, as all used items returned to us are reborn.

With the extended operational life of these products, the items last longer, and you wash at considerably lower temperatures, reducing energy use and lowering costs.

There is also the additional benefit of the added protection given to the people using the products by incorporating our antiviral effect and bacterial technology.

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