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Meryl Fabrics®

Meryl Fabrics® has succeeded in revolutionising the way in which textiles are manufactured to eliminate microplastic shedding and reduce the overall environmental impact of professional clothing by closing the loop in a fully circular, in-house auditable system.

Driven by problem-solving, the award-winning Meryl Fabrics® invested in tailor-made infrastructure over the last six years to modify the production process of textiles from raw material to yarn and fabric – removing all chemicals and solvents from the manufacturing process alongside a newly developed waterless eco-dyeing technology. 

Working in partnership with established buyer-supplier relationships

Meryl Fabrics® is ambitious in its mission to create change by working in partnership with the professional clothing supply chain to provide fully recyclable textiles for uniforms, workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE), complementing rather than disrupting established buyer-supplier relationships. At the garment’s end-of-life, the company collects, recycles and remanufactures back into fabrics or finished garments based on client requirements.

“There were calls to reduce the environmental impact of textiles and address the issue that rather than recycling, it is common practice to send discarded clothing to landfills where it can take up to 200 years to decompose. The fact is the environment can’t wait”, commented Peter Broom, Co-Founder and Innovations Director, Meryl Fabrics®.

It is common practice to send discarded clothing to landfills where it can take up to 200 years to decompose.

Peter Broom, Co-Founder and Innovations Director, Meryl Fabrics®

Auditable in-house manufacturing in Europe for a lower carbon footprint

The sustainable textiles technology company manufactures entirely within Europe within its in-house facilities, providing auditable assurance to clients that its production processes meet recognised environmental, safety and workplace standards. Having the complete supply chain within Europe benefits from minimal transport requirements, reducing the carbon footprint even further.

Delivering a high-volume circular economy with sustainable fabrics

Offering the professional clothing industry the ability to create truly sustainable product ranges, Meryl Fabrics® have mastered the circular economy with an ability to operate on high volumes, as they re-engineer the present of apparel with a range of easy-care, breathable fabrics with an exceptionally soft touch, natural stretch and moisture management properties.

Meryl Fabrics®’s determination to innovate means its yarns and fabrics are focussed on delivering comfort, quality, durability and protection with a cotton-like touch. 

Closing the loop in professional clothing with Meryl Fabrics®

The award-winning Meryl Fabrics® creates textiles using Nylon 6,6 as the base material due to its durability and recyclability, embracing Nylstar Hydrogen bonding technology in the spinning process to enhance the molecular structure of the fibres; seal-in microplastics within the yarns to prevent shedding and pollution in rivers and oceans.

The Meryl Fabrics® Nylon 6,6 has been tried and tested to complete three full lifecycles through a mechanical process at a garment’s end-of-life, plus a further five lifecycles after undergoing the re-polymerisation process to bolster its durable performance.  After the fabrics complete eight lifecycles as professional clothing, the single polymer base can then be repurposed into plastics for the automotive industry, giving the material a minimum lifespan of 35 years. 

The sustainability innovators are ready to add to the Meryl® Fabrics collection to craft bespoke fabrics for individual client specifications, as the in-house design team collaborate to provide brands with the opportunity to offer circular fabrics and garments for the professional clothing industry. 

The Meryl Fabrics® waterless eco-dye solution

The innovation team at Meryl Fabrics® has developed a new and advanced waterless eco-dye technology, which can save 3,000 litres of water per every 600m of fabric when compared to the dyeing process for cotton.

The waterless dyeing technology is used to provide high quality and varied colour palette with excellent fastness properties that last for longer. The yarns and fabrics are also completely solvent-free meaning no chemicals, silicones or softeners are used during production.   

Sustainable fabrics tested to last longer  

Mery Fabrics® has been rigorously tested to demonstrate its enhanced durability, proving the longevity of up to five times longer than cotton, whilst retaining colour and shape to look better for longer. 

The ISO 9001:2015 accredited company has spent years going through testing and certification procedures, carrying out rub tests, and wash tests in open and closed systems. Meryl Fabrics® proudly carry the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Global Recycled Standard certification labels to give greater confidence to the professional clothing industry. 

Meryl Fabrics®

Antimicrobial and antiviral properties

Meryl Fabrics® include in-built antiviral and antibacterial properties. This offers safety and hygiene protection, particularly when used in care or medical environments, facilitating the move away from single-use PPE, which devastates the enviornment.

This is achieved by using the latest spinning techniques and HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 technology to give continuous protection against viruses such as MRSA, MMR and even COVID-19, whilst also stopping smells and odours from developing.

Make the step forward with Meryl Fabrics®

Meryl Fabrics® is offering a major step forward for the professional clothing industry to play its part in protecting the environment by reducing both direct and indirect pollution.

The circular solution reduces the natural resources the industry is using and prevents massive amounts of textiles from ending in landfills or incineration.

Most importantly there is now an opportunity to do the right thing for you, your customer and the planet.

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