MSA Safety donates $400,000 in safety equipment to Ukraine Firefighters


MSA Safety Incorporated today announced the donation of more than $400,000 in safety equipment to Ukrainian firefighters. MSA is the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of sophisticated safety solutions that protect people and facility infrastructures.

This donation is made in partnership with FIRE AID, a UK-based non-profit organisation that facilitates the donation of fire and rescue equipment around the world.

The donation comprises a wide range of fire safety equipment, including self-contained breathing apparatus, fire helmets, firefighter protective apparel, fire boots, fire gloves, and safety goggles. 

“For more than a century, MSA has been dedicated to one singular mission: helping to ensure that men and women may work in safety, and that they, their families and their communities may live in health throughout the world. For our 4,800 global associates, the devastation being faced by people in  Ukraine reminds all of us of the importance of that mission.”

Bob Leenen, President for MSA International

Founded in 2014, FIRE AID is an association of charities and services with a mutual interest in providing ethical and sustainable donations of fire and rescue equipment.

The non-profit organization has long-standing experience in coordinating humanitarian aid projects, facilitating product donations, and supporting the volunteer efforts of firefighters around the world to help train more than 5,000 firefighters residing in countries in need. This partnership shows how important it is to work together in times of crisis, with a donation of $400,000 in safety equipment to Ukraine Firefighters, this will go a log way to help keep firefighters safe.

“Because of our relationship with Ukranian first responders, we very much appreciate the donation of this equipment by MSA Safety. It will go a long way in helping protect emergency workers as they help to protect civilian lives,”

Claire Hoyland, FIRE AID Coordinator
MSA Safety donates safety equipment to Ukraine

“In the spirit of our mission, we are extending our support to those in need through multiple humanitarian efforts to help ease the burden so many are facing.”